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I blinked when I realized that everyone was looking at me following Makenna's question. 

"Did I miss something?" I asked.

"You're usually the authority on movies," Al said with a shrug, "Though your first choice is pretty predictable."

"And second" Naomi said with a roll of her eyes.

"And-" started Makenna, but I cut her off with a laugh.

"Alright, alright. I can be different I suppose. Let's see here...." and I rubbed my chin in thought. "There are a few movies that I've wanted to re-watch. Or re-re-re-re-"

"Flynn. We get it."

"Sorry! I just wanted to adequately portray the-... nevermind. What we watch depends on the kind of mood you're all in. Cute and happy? Or dark and mysterious?"

"Dark and mysterious" said Makenna.

"Cute and happy" said Al and Naomi. Wait.

"Al?!" I asked. Surprised by his choice. He looked at me for a moment, unsure as to why I had questioned him. Then his mind caught up to his mouth and looked down at the flloor.

"Sorry. That was Annie's vote. I say dark and mysterious."

Only at DVA could three people, no offense to Dante and Annie, come to a tie over two movies.

"And what does Dante say?" I prompted, crossing my fingers for dark and mysterious. I had been wanting to see Memento again for quite some time.

"He says-" Al abruptly cut off and blushed. "No, Dante. He says cute and happy."

 There were some raised eyebrows, but I reached for the cute and happy movie, a DVD by the name of Wreck-It-Ralph. Yes it was Disney. Yes it was probably a children's movie, but um...

Shut up.

As I went about setting things up I caught a part a whispered conversation between Al and Dante.

"-I know it's not, but you deserve it!" A pause, "It will not be stupid." Another pause, "Well if it is, it's your fault."

I chuckled, and pushed play, then joined my friends as we took seats on the collection of fancy looking upholstery provided by the school. The advertisements began to roll prompting me to grab the remote. I tried to skip past them, but according to the DVD player, the action was prohibited. 


Since the opportunity practically threw itself in front of me, I began to reflect over the day as was dictated by custom in books, movies, and just about everything except for real life. Yeah, I know, this WAS real life, but what IS life without a little whimsy?

I got to use big scissors in Herbology which was a plus. 

Well, for me at least. Others always seem to get a little uneasy.

English was quiet, but at least both Eve and Makenna had decided to show up, and they were both walked out in one piece.

Math still made me want to commit crimes.

And Basics of Swordplay was still fun, though a little disappointing. Today was largely a lecture day, with very little hands-on fun.

Which brings me back to this, which, if I'm correct, will fall largely on the plus side assuming the ads ever end.

Thankfully they did, and the movie commenced. Everyone seemed to enjoy it, though I couldn't speak for Dante. I enjoyed everything about the movie: The story, the characters, the fact that it's about video games, and... the music. Henry Jackman, the composer, just... I... he made magic, and I couldn't hold back the urge to whistle along to my favorite parts. The others were nice enough to humor me.

"I think we need to make this like... a thing," I said as we began the long hike up the stairs. "We can call it-"



Eve's voice... and... huh sounded like she was with-

"Call it what?" prompted Makenna, distracting me from my distraction... which was an odd occurrence I might add.

"Film Friday. A night of cinematic abandon" I proclaimed grandly, spreading my arms wide.

"Catchy" said Al.

"Sounds like it could definitely work" said Naomi, "We can think a little more about it and share any ideas as they come to us."

I grinned, "Great. I'm sure Makenna wouldn't mind organizing and stuff like that. She's the most qualified for official business methinks."

We nodded in unison and headed for our separate rooms, but not before Makenna said ,

"Hey Flynn, we're still on for tomorrow right?"

"I-... uh-, of course!"I said, and that seemed to please her. I shut myself in my room, then began wracking my brains for whatever my friend had been referring to. I cursed my memory, and was about to resort to banging my head on stuff, when I decided to think through last night's meeting.

"Goodnight Flynn," and Naomi was gone. 

Naomi was...

Oh. I just wanted her to be a little more tactful... not leave!

"So... what's up Flynn?" Makenna asked, pulling me out of my head.

"Um... well I was... concerned. Just wanted to make sure everything was ok. Things were pretty heated during lunch" I said, trying to make a joke, before realizing I had used the wrong temperature.

Makenna either didn't notice or decided to mercifully ignore it. "I'm fine."

"Which means of course that it-" Makenna turned a sharp look on me, "...Is all fine. Which is, great and such..."

Sometimes my smoothness amazes even me. Time to change to something I was comfortable wi-

"Lord of the Rings" I blurted.

Makenna raised her eyebrows, "What about it?"

Yeah Flynn? What about it?

"You mentioned you liked it..." I said, grasping for a lifeline. "And..." found one, "I was wondering if you wanted to watch it this weekend?" I said in relief.

She brightened, "Sure! I don't have anything planned for Saturday if you-"

Zooming back to the present, I patted myself on the back for averting a crisis. Lord of the Rings.

I could handle that.

The End

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