Second DayMature

Flynn knocked on Makenna's door, looking a bit flustered. I had all but bullied him into taking some brownies up to Makenna, before he ate them all.

"Um..." Flynn looked longingly at the plate of brownies. I kicked him in the shin.

"Ow!'s Flynn," he called through the door. I nudged him, he continued, "And Naomi, we bring peace offerings."

Makenna opened her door, looking stormy, "I don't want--" She started, then her eyes landed on the plate of brownies. "Food!"

I laughed and went into the room, Makenna took the plate from me and started wolfing down the brownies. I rubbed my arms, it was a little chilly in the room, but I saw that the window was open, the night air cooling the room, not Makenna's talent. I turned back to Makenna, she was sitting on the floor, she looked to have eaten about three brownies in the space of a few minutes. Flynn sat next to her, brownie in hand. I glared at him, but he shrugged. He was in his happy brownie place. I decided to let it go and sat down next to Makenna.

"We were worried when you didn't come to dinner." I said. Flynn looked at me, a warning in his face, brownie in his mouth. Too late I'd already said it.

"Yeah," Makenna looked down at the food in her hand. "I couldn't regulate."

I opened my mouth to ask why, but Flynn shot me another warning look, on time this time. But I had to say something, Makenna was looking at me.

"Well, enjoy the brownies, goodnight Makenna, goodnight Flynn." I stood and left, leaving the two of them on the floor, to bond over lord of the rings and brownies. I sighed. Why did I have to open my big mouth?

I headed towards my room, on the way I heard Al talking to someone, one of his ghosts. They were having an argument, I could only hear one side of it, but it sounded like it was about Eve, or at least about a girl. Poor Al looked like he was getting so confused, it must have been Dante talking, using slang al didn't understand. I braced my shoulders, hoping to do some good this time, and trying to forget the weirdness of talking to people who are dead. I walked up to Al, keeping a little to the side to ensure I didn't run into Dante. An involuntary shiver went through me, oops, I'd walked right through him.

"You walked through Dante." Al said quietly. I rubbed my arms, cold again.

"I noticed," I said, trying not to snap at him. "I heard you arguing, and I wanted to help." Al looked more confused, I saw his gaze go down my body before snapping back up to my face. Then he blushed, either I knew I'd seen it, or Dante had said something to him. It was probably due to that swimming incident, of course. Then it hit me.

"You want to go swimming again?" I asked, inspired. Al took a step back, glancing over to his left, I guess that's where Dante was.

"T-tonight? But, it's a school..."
I cut him off. "No, tomorrow, Friday, we can stay out later, and I think if we wait a little longer, until one or two in the morning, we may not get caught. I could make the ivy grow up around the windows on that side of the school so we won't be spotted! Of course I just have to remember to put the ivy back the way it was before we go back inside, but then we can sleep on Saturday, so it's not like we have to wake up early... What?" I trailed off, Al was looking at me funny. "What?" I asked again.

"No... I... I..." He was talking to Dante, his voice hushed and his eyes cast off in Dante's direction. Then he looked at me. "I didn't know you were that brave." I felt my eyes widen. Brave? Then again, he was right. I grinned.

"I guess Eve had been a good influence on me!" Al blushed again, wow he blushed easily. Or Dante was being crass again. I decided to be brave again and threw my arms around Al's neck.

"Thanks for the idea." I whispered, then let him go, practically skipping back to my room. I would present the idea to my friends at breakfast.

Turns out, I never got the chance.

No one of the floor needed an alarm clock, except Makenna, who hated hers, but I think she knew that we all relied on that beeping at 6:45, then Flynn's daily shout, to get us up in the morning. He was always so chipper in the morning, yelling at everyone. The shout this morning seemed louder than usual. I'd stayed up late thinking about going out again tonight, the excitement keeping me awake. Two late nights in a row were killing my early riser tendencies. I usually woke up with the sun, or the plant beside my bed would tickle my nose with its vines, but I'd slept through it.

When I opened my eyes, groggy, my plant had entangled itself around my wrists and was partially around my neck. Quickly I shrunk it back, before it got any ideas about strangling me to full awareness. Once I got the plants under control, and pulled on my school uniform, everyone was gone from the floor.

Quickly I ran down to the breakfast hall, trying to find my friends, the floor was filled with people, but I couldn't see Flynn, Al, or Makenna. I did see Eve, but she was talking to someone else, a girl I almost recognized, but couldn't place. They had their heads bowed over a notebook or something, maybe looking over notes for a class they had today. They looked so nice, it was such a calm scene, I almost went over and joined them, but that would ruin the scene, so I looked around more, hopping in line to get some breakfast. The bell rang while As I came up to the counter of dried goods, where the cereal and toast and muffins were, I looked longingly over at the hot food window, now closing up, I grabbed a muffin and headed to herbology.

I ran to class, hoping to get something today right, and sat down in a huff in front of Flynn and Makenna, they looked well rested, Bryan came and sat next to me, looking a bit smug. As he was getting his stuff out of his bag he pricked himself on the overgrown rosebush next to his seat. Oops.

"Today, is a special day!" The professor announced. "Today we are going to trim the hedgerows!" He looked at us, as if expecting a cheer. We all just stared at him. He clapped his hands together.

"Hop to it, let's go, shears are hanging in the back wall." Eager to please we all hopped up and grabbed some gardening shears from the their hooks on the wall and followed the professor outside to the front drive.

"Make them pretty!" He announced. And we scattered.

Class flew by, I was having so much fun. Every time Bryan cut a section of the hedge, he took great care to make it even, especially once he saw I as not going to do it for him. My hedge had taken a few seconds, and I hadn't needed to use my shears. Those I waved at Bryan, goading him on. Each time he trimmed a section of the hedge it grew up again, making it look like he hadn't done anything, of course, when the professor came by it looked fine, I wasn't that heartless, but he did have to trim his section until the end of class. When the bell chimed a sweaty Bryan glared at me, I smiled at him and skipped up to the main building feeling good about the way class had gone.

English was quiet, Makenna and Eve ignored each other in stony silence and the five of us only spoke if directly asked a question. Robyns looked concerned at the group of us, all so tense. But the lesson went well, as boring as before. I doodled in my notebook wondering what talent the English teacher had, because it just couldn't be possible that he didn't have one. At the very least it was boring, but I was toying with the idea of shape shifting by the time class ended.

Math... I was behind everyone in math, the subject just seemed impossible to me. I didn't understand how numbers governed my entire existence, and the more my teacher taught the less I understood. Maybe Professor Robyns was super smart, like a super genius, and would help me understand math.

The rest of the day seemed to go by in a blur, I was tired from my late nights and it wasn't until dinner time that I remembered to talk to my friends about my plan, now mostly forgotten.

I was the first at the table, I saw Eve walk in and waved at her, she smiled at me and walked over with a tray. We sat in silence for a minute.

"Second day's the worst, isn't it?" I spoke up, not wanting it to be awkward. Eve laughed a little, nodding.

"All the same new things, but with homework!" I laughed too, and things seemed to be normal, then Flynn, Al, and Makenna came up together, it grew quiet. Makenna looked like she was about to say something, but Eve stood up abruptly, and walked away. I guessed she was still mad.

"So um, guys" I started, thinking about my plan. "What do you think about..." Suddenly sneaking out didn't sound so appealing. "Watching a movie tonight in the common room? Or something..."

Flynn looked thoughtful, Al was listening to one of his other friends, but Makenna nodded,
"That sounds like fun, what movie?"

The End

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