Temperature RegulationMature

I didn't go to dinner, I wasn't hungry. Actually, I was starving, but I didn't dare go downstairs. The thermometer that hung by the door was fluctuating wildly. Too hot, too cold. My window was steaming up, then frosting over. I tried clearing my mind, tried calming down, but every time I managed to regulate, Eve's smug face popped into my head, smirking at me like she owned the world and was personally having the ice caps melted just to spite me.

Smug face. Getting swooned at by all and sundry. It wasn't fair. And she thought it was because she was bi. Puh-lease. Gay rights were so not my battle field, I was interested in saving the planet, not the dating rights of the people on it.

Except... Save some for the fishies? The mercury in the thermometer plummeted to the bottom again. Selfish, selfish Eve.

Was it snowing in my room? Where was all this water coming from? I wiped my face, when had I started crying? As soon as the droplets left my skin, they froze, but the ice quickly began to melt again, and I glanced at the thermometer as it seemed to hover at room temperature.

"I don't choose to be your queen." I quoted Eve sarcastically, mimicking her accent and making her sound very whiny. "My mother will punish me harder. Don't think you know anything--Blah blah blah! Spoiled brat. Thinks she can do whatever she wants and whatever she says goes. She thinks she's had family problems, at least her mom's around. Mine won't even return my postcards..."

I looked up at all my pictures. Egypt, the North Pole, that one spring break in India, where I learned some meditation techniques. The fall I went to Africa to help build water filters. I suddenly wanted to tear them all down, because they weren't about saving the world at all! All they symbolized were three years of my parents never wanting to see me again!

Something popped, and I saw a trickle of red dye making it's way down the wall. The cheap plastic wall thermometer had broken. I grabbed a handful of tissues from the box on my desk and quickly cleaned up the liquid and broken glass, throwing the apparatus away in my little desk trash can.

"Next time, I'm going digital." I muttered, opening the window and letting the cool evening air come into my room and finally regulate the temperature to something livable. I took calming, meditative breaths, and with the smells of late summer coming through the window, I finally managed to relax as I intentionally forgot about Eve.

I ignored my rumbling stomach as I changed into my pajamas. Dinner was long past served, and I would have to go without tonight. I'd just pulled out my idea notebook and started to jot down the cool things Flynn could discover about corrupt governments in the Middle East without getting caught, when there came a knock on the door. I checked the now empty space where my thermometer had been, and called.

"Who is it?"

"Uh--ow--uh, it's Flynn," came Flynn's voice. "And Naomi, we bring peace offerings."

I opened my door, "I don't want--" I began, then I saw the plate of brownies. "Food!"

The End

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