I had been going to DVA for several years already so I wasn't surprised by the outburst. I mean, after all we were still teenagers. My first year here I had gone in thinking it would all be different, that somehow the fact that we all had powers would make us more mature, and cut out the drama of a typical high school.

Pardon me for a moment while I die from laughter. 

Well in the aftermath of Woman War One, Al, Naomi, myself, and I assume Dante and Annie sat quietly at the table as the last few minutes of lunch slipped away. There were still four classes to go, before the days end, and by my guess, DVA had picked up someone with the ability to alter the temporal flow, because they took


It wasn't that I didn't like them... well except for math, I loathed math. 

No, no, you don't understand. If Math was a person, I would pass up a combined Lord of the Rings/Star Wars marathon for the chance to brutally and viciously murder it in front of a judge, a jury, an executioner, a pastor, the president of the United States, the Queen of England, my parents, and the cast of Lord of the Rings, with the knowledge that they would never invite me over to a slumber party if I did so. That and jail time. 

But I digress. 

The reason those first three classes took forever, aside from malicious intent on the part of Math, was that my last class of the day was the one I had been looking forward to the most: Basics of Swordplay.

I managed to cut a deal with our Physical Education teacher (the class in exchange for me to stop bugging him about the class) and had been looking forward to this day for most of the summer.

The class finally started, beginning with the customary teacher introduction and course description... although why Basics of Swordplay needed a description, I could only wonder... from the title, one could assume it was regarding... you guessed it!


Call me crazy (everyone else does) but that's just my two cents on the subject.

Anyway, blah blah blah, introductions, fast forward and BOOM.

Swords. As the rack of weapons came around and I held one of the rapiers in my hand, I nearly feinted.

Heh, feinted. There's a little swordplay themed wordplay for ya. 

"Alright, we only have a few minutes left before the end of class, so I'll try to go through this quickly," shouted Mr. Warburton "These are tools, not toys. If I see anyone" for some strange reason he glanced at me as he said this, "fooling around with these, they will all be confiscated and the class will be cancelled. They are also not allowed to leave this room unless consent is given by myself, and only myself. If you-"

Hm. He uses a lot of emphasis. It's a good thing I don't care too much or I don't know WHAT I'd do.

"-understood? Are there any questions? Good. I will see you all next class."

And that was that. The end of day one. The rest of the day was mine. Mine to use for great things; to explore, to create, to inspire!

Or to play video games. 

I turned on my Playstation 3, my birthday gift to myself; the culmination of years worth of saved allowances and monetary gifts. And no sooner had I bought it, when the next generation came out. 

Yep. I'm brilliant. 


I blinked, then leapt into action, waiting pressed up against my door in case the footsteps stopped. They didn't, but I recognized the voice as Makenna's as she mumbled to herself. A A door opened and closed down the hallway, and then that was that. I hadn't seen Makenna or Eve since lunch. I was supposed to have more classes with the both of them, or so I thought, but neither had shown. 

As I sat back down in front of my game, I sincerely hoped that this whole thing would blow over. It was way too early for people to be making enemies of each other. 

I tried to turn back to the game, but my thoughts had been successfully diverted, and my lack of attention caused my character to die several different times. Realizing that my I couldn't reroute my focus, I conceded to my thoughts, turned off the game, and lay back in preparation for the myriad of thoughts. 

Which is, of course, when they all decided to disappear. 

I tried to spark something by thinking back and trying to determine a clear winner. I used to do that when my parents argued. I would never present my findings to them though for fear of unwanted retribution. It was usually my dad.

Eve had definitely seemed to be instigating things, and yet there was nothing really wrong with the things she had been saying. Makenna had gotten really upset for some reason, and made some accusations. The fact that she was angry made it difficult to determine if she genuinely thought Eve was mean, or if Eve had been right in saying that she was simply jealous. But Makenna wasn't the jealous type. Was she? She had never seemed to be... at least, to me. But then again, I wasn't the best judge when it came to females. And of course, the fact that this involved females meant there was probably something on a deeper level that I was completely missing. 

The mental debate continued to rage until dinner, with still no real clear victor. I shrugged as I hopped up, glad that I wasn't officially involved, and made my way down to the cafeteria. Maybe there wouldn't be any need for further thought on subject, it was entirely possible that things had already blown over.

Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. 

I was first to the table this time, shortly joined by Al and Naomi.

"Gentlemen" she greeted. 

"Hey" I replied.

Al just nodded, and continued to eat.

The terse conversation, or lack thereof, echoed our unspoken thoughts. We were all waiting to see what would happen. 

"There's Eve" Naomi pointed out, and we all watched as she sauntered in to grab a tray of food. She started in our direction, seemingly back to her normal self, but a voice called out to her, stopping her in tracks. She looked back over shoulder as another girl came in. The two started chatting like old friends, and Eve drifted off with the new arrival, leaving the three of us alone in anxious silence. 

Makenna never showed. 

"I hope she didn't do anything stupid" Naomi said quietly. I nodded my agreement while Al simply looked confused. After a moment understanding dawned on his face, hinting that he had been enlightened by Dante. 

I remembered hearing her walk down the hall to her room. I hadn't noticed anything else which suggested Makenna was still upstairs. 

Maybe I should go see if she's-



The End

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