Heavy: OliverMature

Lunch had been a quiet affair. I had gotten a tray from the Dining Hall and taken it back to my desk, where I sat in my empty classroom, pouring over papers. The first lesson had gone well, but I had been working straight out of the text, and it was a boring class, especially when I had to teach it three times in a row. "The rules of English." What a joke, Eve was right, rules are made to be broken. Especially with this language. I shook my head, turning back to my papers. Maybe tomorrow, if I could figure out how... Things could get more interesting. Hmm a debate, using the rhetoric, or something. My head hit the desk, I was totally at a loss.

When the bell chimed for the next class to start I jumped, surprised at the sudden sound. No students began to file into my classroom, quickly I pulled my schedule out from beneath a stack of papers, the entire stack fell to the floor. I grimaced, looking at it for a moment, before looking at the schedule in my hand. Planning period. I had the hour off from teaching to plan, but if had already used my lunch for that! I ran out of the classroom. I'd been looking enviously at the beautiful day outside, and I was going for a walk.

I burst out of the building, the sun had warmed the grounds and a light breeze blew from the lake, it was nice. I paused for a moment to enjoy the weather, closing my eyes as the breeze moved across the grounds. I felt so relaxed, the stresses of being a teacher just melted away, for a moment.

Opening my eyes I began my walk, I thought I'd go over to the greenhouses. The herbology teacher had bragged about the exotic plants he was cultivating there. I looked around, the green houses were in the same direction as the lake, but much closer to the school. I started heading in that direction and as I passed the eastern wing, closest to the lake, I saw Eve storm out of the building. She looked to be in a bad mood, and I was wary of approaching, but she looked upset, and I couldn't leave her like that. She had stopped by the shore of the the lake, I walked up until I was a few feet behind her. In my head I went through something to say, Eve, are you ok? Seemed too childish, I still had to prove myself to this girl.

"Miss Ward,"great start Oliver. "why aren't you in class?" The question burst out of me, though it wasn't what I'd been wondering,

"It's Miss Ward now? I thought we were closer than that." Even upset she teased, it didn't bother me this time though.

"Eve, which ever class you are supposed to be in I suggest you go to it. Now." I said it sharper than I meant to, and she seemed to shudder.

"I'd rather be here." She said. I paused for a moment, what could I say to that?

"Eve, I don't know what you think is going on but let me tell you. You're a student, at a school. You do as the teachers tell you, and you learn. That is what you're doing here.What you do in your free time is basically up to you, as long as you don't break the rules, but when school hours begin you follow your timetable. Now get to class or else I'm taking you to the headteacher." I had given a speech, on the benefits of school, I guess this teacher thing really was starting to kick in.

"Oh yeah?" She turned to face me, my confidence dropped, she'd been crying. She lashed out verbally. "Big deal. My mum, how terrifying. What else could she possibly say?"

My concern rushed back, who cared about classes anyways? "What's happened...? Are you okay?"

"Sure. Never better." She snapped, shaking her head. She started marching off towards the trees.

"Eve wait-"

"Sorry, got to get to class. Apparently I'm not allowed to have a moment to myself here." She ran off, leaving me by the lake, wondering at what to do.

I was still standing there when the bell chimed again. I started back to the building, the weight back on my shoulders of my new responsibilities as a teacher. And it looked like it was going to rain.

The End

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