Lunch for Seven - Part 3Mature

Flynn then decided to speak up. "You know, this reminds me of X-men." That was the show with people like us who had more... powerful... abilities. I think, anyway. Flynn had a lot of movies, but I really only liked Batman.

Makenna looked at Flynn. "What, you want to be Wolverine?"

Eve chuckled. "More like Xavier."

Makenna shook her head at that. "Anyway, I am not talking about comics. I'm talking about real life."

Flynn ignored her. He was in a mood of his, and I could tell a rant was coming. "Hmmm... Probably Wolverine... His senses are almost as super as mine, but he makes up for it in looks... and regeneration... and claws..." Flynn shook his head and looked to Makenna with one of his flashy smiles. "You're way too serious, Makenna. You need to play a video game. Or just watch Lord of the Rings and maybe get a nickname. Also, why am I Xavier? I have hair! And working legs...."

Makenna, thankfully, interjected. "Hey, I like Lord of the Rings. You've just never invited me to watch it."

Flynn blinked several times. I almost did the same. According to him, almost no girls liked Lord of the Rings. "Oh! I didn't know that! We'll have to have a marathon soon!" He sounded excited about the prospect. 

Eve smiled. "That would be fun. Anyway, you would be Xavier because he has super senses and he listens - like you have been doing most of lunch. Makenna, tell me more of this plan before we get any closer to Hobbitown."

I decided to sit back and just listen now. At least they were off the crazy  idea about me becoming president. Now they could mess with Flynn.

And mess with Flynn they did. 

"You should become a superspy, Flynn." Makenna told my friend. 

He seemed to smile at that, as if flattered. "I just might... but you don't choose the spy life. The spy life chooses you. I cannot fulfill that role unless called." Why did I feel like he was quoting a movie?

Eve just laughed. "Double O' Flynn? Alright Makenna, I give up. What am I to your plan? Or have you not given me a place yet?

Flynn smiled and said something to Eve softly. I heard it. "I does have a nice ring to it." Then, he turned to Makenna. Poor Naomi was being ignored now, just like me. Luckily she didn't mind. "Makenna, what do I get to do in the grand scheme of things?"

"I'll tell you when the time is right," Makenna said, then turned to Eve. "I haven't quite figured out how you'll fit in yet. I need to know more about you. Personality wise."

Eve grinned widely at that. "Oh, I'm an open book. Ask me anything and I'll answer." She winked to Makenna. What an odd thing to do. I didn't really get why it was even done.

Naomi decided to come in there. "Well, I can't save the rainforest single handed."

Dante whispered something in my ear. Why did he want me to ask that? Well... "Fine," I said, bringing attention to myself "Dante wants to know if you are single, Eve... whatever that means..."

Makenna decided to help me out there, thankfully. "It means are dating anyone. And, to follow up, if you had to choose either of these two" - Me and Flynn were pointed at in turns - "Which one?"

Eve seemed to like these sort of questions. "Well, Dante," she said sweetly, "I'm single. And to answer your question, Makenna, I don't date... I don't 'choose' anyone is that's what you meant by it."

That seemed to upset Makenna.... I wished I was somewhere else as soon as Makenna placed her hand firmly on the table. "Lame," she said, a bit of annoyance in her tone, "Probably a good idea, though, to keep to yourself aloof, seeing as you've got tons of other guys falling at your feet anyway." Her voice became more sharp as she talked, and now she sounded actually threatening.

Eve replied in kind, too, much to mine and Annie's dislike. "Oh, I'm sorry. Do my choices and popularity offend you?"

Naomi slumped in her seat between the two girls, looking a little scared. I shared her mood too. "Hey, um... Is it getting a little chilly around here?" She was right. I felt the cold coming toward me more and more. Was this Makenna's doing?

"Just because you're the headmistresses daughter doesn't mean you cane swan in here and think you are our queen!" Makenna growled. The sudden change in the conversation made me and Flynn give each other a 'uh oh' look. This was going to be fun...

"Big brother, stop them.." Annie begged me. What could I do, though?

Eve smirked and leaned toward Makenna. "Who says I want to be your queen? And being her daughter doesn't mean anything. She's not going to treat me any different from you." Eve huffed before continuing. "In fact, she'll probably punish me harder. So don't think you know anything about me or my mother, Okay?"

"Big brother..."

I was going to regret this. "Some on guys... Don't fight... Annie is getting upset..."

"Oh, we're not fighting," Eve said, a fake smile covering her face, "Fighting would mean getting physical and Makenna isn't really my type." Eve winked at Makenna. This was... good?

It started to get colder as Makenna's face got serious. "I don't date girls..." she said, voice full of anger.

Eve simply went off of it, paying no heed to the anger. "Obviously. And you're not really happy about me being here at all are you? Why's that?" Makenna was given no time to answer. "Because I'm getting all the attention from the guys or because I like women?" Eve's face looked almost playful to me. Did she think this was fun? Flynn, Naomi, and myself didn't speak. We didn't dare to.

"Maybe it's the combination," Makenna said, nearly yelling. Other people in the lunch room were obviously ignoring my table... For good reason. "You let them fawn over you, despite the fact that you're not interested in them. It's selfish, and-and cruel!" Makenna winced at the last words she said, but quickly hid it. 

Eve's smile was gone. "Who says I'm not interested? I can like guys and girls can't I? Is there some law that says I can't?" She stood up, her own anger becoming apparent. Annie simply goes quiet. I do the same. It's our defense in these situations.

Naomi, trying to salvage the last bits of lunch, stands up with her tray in hand. "No.. no.. It's fine. Come on, guys! That's enough!

Makenna stands up as well, letting Naomi stay between herself and Eve. "I'm not hungry anymore." With that, she is gone. 

"Whatever!" Eve leaves as well, taking her empty tray with her. 

Naomi simply sat down, looking sad, as the bell rings for lunch to end. "I imagined lunch going so much differently..."

Flynn whistled. "Same here... but nothing to do but move on, right Al?"

I nodded. This school thing was turning out to be more interesting than I imagined, not that I was happy with it. 


(THERE! No more Dethnus writing three pages.... My hands hurt and I still need to work out...)

The End

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