Lunch for Seven - Part 2Mature

"Al, if you want to be president, you should at least join in the conversation of those who are alive."

Wait, what? President? What was Makenna talking about? And didn't she know Annie was sitting right there? From the looks of it, Annie was not happy. Luckily she didn't do anything to punish Makenna.. Right now.

"Al wants to be president?" Flynn asked, looking from me to Makenna and Naomi. Where was this coming from? I didn't understand what was going on.

"Well," Makenna said slowly, "it was just this idea I had, that he could be president because he could get advice from all the old dead presidents and possibly be the best one ever!" Was she smart at all? I was terrible with people and was a homeless street-dweller... No one would elect me.

Flynn smiled at me. "I see. Just as long as he doesn't start speaking in scores and all that stuff. I get enough of old language in English class."

"Scores?" Makenna asked, "like 'Four Scores and seven years ago...?' I don't think you'd have anything to worry about there. I said 'get advice' not hire one as a speech writer." She tilted her head up in thought for a moment. "Though... Lincoln had some amazing speeches."

"In a time of war, speeches are easy to make great..." Dante muttered. I chose to ignore him this time. He hadn't been much help lately, anyway.

"Spot on my dear Watson," Flynn said, imitating Sherlock Holmes, "And in that case, I have no objection." Flynn turned to me with a sort of excitement. "Can I be VP?"
Thankfully, Naomi decided to join in the conversation and save me. "Don't you have to be an american native to be president?"

It was then that Eve came upon the table and sat down. Annie nearly hissed at the girl. "Am I missing something?"

Naomi decided to be the one to fill Eve in. "Makenna wants Al to be the president of the United States, so we're discussing the qualifications."

"I heard that much," Eve said, "I mean what is the extent of this plan and why does she need Al to be president to perform it?" She seemed confused at the thought of me being president. At least I wasn't alone on that.

"It's part of my 'save the world' plan," Makenna said cheerfully, "I want to get all my friends in power." Friend? I was a friend to her?

"Being the president is useless," Dante said, his voice serious for once. That tone meant he was telling a truth. "With Congress stubbing him, a president can't accomplish anything..." I listened to Dante as the others discussed what I would have to be to become president. 

After he was done, I decided to speak up before things got out of hand. "Um..." the others looked toward me, even Annie. "Dante says the president is useless today."

Makenna snorted. "Only because he's all talk and no action. Fancy speeches don't get a guy anywhere when there's nothing to follow them up except blame."

"Dante didn't say that... He said that the president doesn't have any power unless Congress backs him up... I don't really get it, but even a good president is bad if Congress doesn't support him..." 

The others seemed in thought, except for Flynn who was eating the last of his chocolate cake. "Hmmm, true enough," Makenna said before taking the last bite of her sandwich, "But I think you could get Congress on your side if you wanted to, Al."

I shifted nervously. "Well... I don't really get it all.. I don't think I could do it, really..."

Makenna looked into the space behind me. "Dante, tell him he could be a good leader."

Dante laughed. "Well, there is the president of one company you would do well in. Their mascot is a bunny with a bow tie and there are tons of beautiful, naked women at your.."

I blushed furiously and tried to ignore Dante's explanation of this 'company' that I wasn't sure exists. "Dante... doesn't have presidency on his mind anymore..."

Eve grinned widely at that. "I think we all know what Dante's talking about, judging by that reaction."

"Dante, get on the subject," Naomi said, looking like she was uncomfortable talking to someone on the other side. "We aren't talking about girls! get your ectoplasmic mind out of the gutter!" 

"I was talking about women, not girls..." Dante muttered. I chose to leave it alone as Naomi turned to Makenna. 

"Anyway, how will Al get to be president? Even with the former presidents telling him what to say, he's so quiet and shy. He can't stand in front of millions and give a speech." And another one that thought like I did. Maybe I could get Makenna to give up on that crazy idea.

"Maybe he should get laid," Eve said, then looked past me and at Dante, "That would work, right Dante?" What was 'Laid?' 

Dante laughed at that. "I like this girl!" That only confused me more! What did they mean?

"I don't!"Annie shouted back. 

Makenna shrugged off Eve's suggestion as Naomi muttered something about that being something that Eve would say. "We just need to work on his public speaking, that's all. It's really easy, you know?"

Noami took a drink of her juice. "Not everyone is as gung-ho for saving the world as you are, Makenna."

"What else are we going to do?" Makenna retorted, a hint of annoyance entering her voice, "We've been given abilities, we might as well use them for the common good."

Eve smirked at Naomi. "I for one am very much up for saving the world. It's a disaster, what the human race - and that includes us talented ones - have done to this planet. But, it's going to take time and making Al president is not going to get it done." I almost smiled at that. I was gonna get out of this plan without having to talk.

Makenna crossed her arms in a manner I found odd. Well, I didn't understand women, so it might not be odd at all. "I'm saying it would help," she said, "I have other plans, too."

Eve threw up her hands, as if in defense. "Hey, woah, don't get defensive. What other plans? Have you started thinking how I'd be useful?" Eve raised her eyebrows up, almost daring Makenna to make a suggestion. I simply shrunk and exchanged looks with Flynn, who was just enjoying the conversation. 

(And still not done.... If I am forced to do another lunch, I am starting a food fight!)

The End

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