Lunch for Seven - Part 1Mature

Well, the first day of my first year at school was.... interesting. 

"I think you did rather well, Al," Dante said as we walked towards the lunchroom. Annie trailed behind me, watching the people we passed with interest. Neither of us had been at school before and, whether it was because she was on the other side or being so young, Annie seemed to be unphased by all the other people like I was.

"Math and English both were... odd..." I told him, "I'm not used to all those other people in the same room as me. It makes it hard to concentrate."

Dante chuckled as he watched a passing female teacher. She was small and not his type, but Dante was 'generous' with his gaze. "Look, this is what normal classes are like," he said, "You got here only right after their break started, so it's normal to be nervous. Just make friends, find a girl, and stick to the study methods I taught you."

I nodded and looked to Annie, who gave me a smile. I wished she could participate in class with her own voice. After all, she was smarter than me. Dante said she had something called a photographic memory. Although I had never heard of it then, I now knew that mean it would be easy for her to remember things.

We finally made it to the lunchroom. Luckily, the table I usually sat at was available - with the exception of Johan above the table floating. Most of the kids here could feel the presence of Johan since he was one that used to have an ability. Now, they felt a cold presence wherever he was.

"Thanks, Johan," I said as I got closer.

My friend from the other side just smiled and went back to sitting on the ceiling and watching everyone else. None of the students payed me any attention, luckily. They had heard the rumors, and probably seen Annie's temper tantrums when we first came. I didn't understand why that made them stay away, but I was relieved that they wouldn't have a chance to mess with Annie.

It was only a moment before Flynn came and sat beside me. Annie, as usual, exchanged greetings with Flynn through me. With both of them on either sides, I decided that I felt like a more popular person.

"English was fun, huh Al?"

I nodded to Flynn, but didn't have a chance to verbally answer; Naomi was walking up to the table.

Flynn waved to Naomi. "Hey, saved you a seat!"

"Please don't sit on Annie," I said. For some reason the image of Naomi in her underwear came to mind. No no no! Last night was bad enough without me remembering it! I didn't understand any of it, despite having fun.

"Um... which seat is she in?"

I told Naomi which seat Annie sat in and Naomi decided to take the seat directly in front of me. It was a round table, so I knew this didn't mean anything. 

Annie smiled at me. "I like her!"

It was then that another of the girls I had seen almost naked the night before came up and sat down at my table. "Hey guys," Makenna said.

"Tell her that her eyes sparkle with lust desire... and that you can fill them." 

"Hey," I said to Makenna, then turned to look at Dante, who stood behind me, "No, Dante, I will not say that..."

Flynn perked up at the extra company and told Makenna 'hey,' before turning back to Naomi. "Glad to see you made it through the mob in Herbology, Naomi," he said with a smile, as per usual, "Who did you end up choosing?"

Makenna was still focused on me and interrupted the conversation between Flynn and Naomi. "What's Dante saying, Al? And by the way, were you born in America? I can't remember."

One question at a time... "He saying... Um..." Maybe only one question period. "A-anyway," I continued, "I was born there, but I don't remember much before my parents abandoned me and Annie..." 

Naomi, probably thinking my past was making me feel sad, interrupted that by answering Flynn's lingering question. "I chose Bryan," she said with a voice full of regret, "That dumb jock. HE'S american for sure. He even used the word dude in class today... I'm gonna make him drop the class."

Makenna hadn't heard Naomi, but was instead giggling at me. What did I do? "We need to work on your public speaking skills, Al," she said, then turned to Naomi. "Who said dude?"

"Bryan," Naomi sighed in annoyance, "And now I'm stuck."

Flynn tried to ask how she planned to do that, but was quickly overridden by Naomi. "So, any of you think it's odd they would hire a teacher without a talent?" Talent... 

Flynn once again tried to ask about the Bryan kid and the plan to get him to drop out, but was once again ignored as Makenna answered Naomi. "Maybe he has a talent?" she said with a soft smile, "And it's just a boring one, like super speady reading with a photographic memory." Photographic was the same thing Annie had. I thought that alone was an amazing talent, but I doubted it was the same kind as what they meant.

"They aren't listening to you, Flynn," I told my friend, though he wasn't paying attention any longer. He was listening to something from the looks of it.

Makenna heard me, though. "Sorry, Flynn.." She said, sounding like she meant it too. Annie smiled at that. She seemed to like the nicer girls at the school. 

Flynn perked up at a girl using his name. "Hm? Oh, no problem. Someone's parents just picked them up." Flynn smiled then. "And while we're on the subject, I wish I had super-speedy reading..." 

Makenna smiled back at him. "But you had super sonic hearing. That's gotta be cool, though it does mean you're more susceptible to my own little talent." She wiggles her finger in an odd way that I did not understand. Why did girls make odd signs with their bodies?

Flynn shuddered almost visibly. "And more susceptible to OTHER things that definitely shouldn't be mentioned during lunchtime..."

"Who's mentioning them?" Makenna retorted, then handed Flynn her dessert - a chocolate cake. "Here, chocolate cake. Feel it, breathe it, eat it."

Flynn smiled widely. "Well, if you insist..." I then watched as my friend maliciously devoured the chocolate cake. I was surprised he didn't make a bigger mess.

"Well," I said to Annie quietly, "Flynn is feeling good today, Annie." She smiled back at me. She liked Flynn as a friend, same as me.

(Continued in another page because this is ridiculous. This is my SECOND time writing this...)

The End

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