Good StartMature

I practically skipped down the hall toward my next class. I was lab partners with Flynn, and we were all in the same English class with the new teacher, so it looked like it was going to be a good year so far. I went to my next class, History, and sat down somewhere near the back, pulling out my "Idea" notebook, where I had listed all of my save-the-world ideas since I could control my temperature power well enough to handle a pen without it freezing in my hand, or melting.

Inside it were various articles about global warming, and the cutting down of the rainforest, and the debates between the big American political parties. I think Al could be the American President, if he was an American citizen, I didnt know actually. I decided I should get to know him better. Then the teacher walked in, a thin woman as sharp as a needle. She didn't wait for everyone to get their stuff, just started talking. We were going to cover European History, from about the renaissance to the present.

"Welcome to European History," She said. "You all covered Ancient Western Civilizations last year, and I'm sure you are all up to date. As you know, the renaissance began in Italy..."

I listened intently, I loved history. Knowing about your roots is a good way to know where you're headed. I took out my history notebook and began writing notes, paying close attention to the professor. Just occassionally adding some plans to my "Idea" Notebook.

But, though the class was fascinating, lunch couldn't come soon enough, when I got to meet up with my friends, old and new, and talk about how the first day was going so far. It was nice to have a group to meet with, instead of eating alone.

The End

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