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I had been looking forward to herbology all summer, a class where the entire goal was to take care of plants! And Makenna and Flynn would be joining me, I was excited. The fact that Eve was there too didn't dim that excitement at all. Until I heard the words:

"Choose a lab partner." Oh no. Suddenly I was swarmed by people wanting to be my partner, everyone knew my plant abilities, and the Flynn incident from yesterday had gone through the school at dinner, so everyone knew about it.

Quickly, not used to the attention I picked a person at random, it ended up being a nice looking boy, I think his name was Bryan, and he might've had enhanced strength. Ooh. Bad choice Naomi, all brawn, no brains. But it was too late, Bryan had gone up to the teacher and he was writing our names down in his ledger. I chose a table and slumped down, Bryan eagerly coming to sit by me. I ignored him, just as he ignored me to talk to his friend across the isle.

"... Dude this is gonna be a breeze..." I resolved to make his plants as thorny as I could. I played with the rose plant next to my desk, letting a bud bloom into a large blossom, spreading the scent around the room, Bryan sneezed. Haha.

Looking around I saw that Flynn and Makenna were working together, and Eve was working with the guy across the isle, Bryan's friend. She was flirting up a storm, and the guy was getting twitchy. Wow, she certainly had an effect on people. The professor began talking about the plants we would learn about this year, and how each was different and needed to be cared for a certain way. I sat up straight in my seat, listening intently, maybe I could get some insight into my plants.

Class flew by, Bryan had fallen asleep halfway through, and I had to fight the urge to poke him with a sharp stick. When the class ended I kicked his stool. He jerked awake,

"Woah! What happened, What did I miss?" He floundered.

"I don't know, I didn't take notes." I grinned at him and left the room, hurrying to catch up with Makenna and Flynn, they were talking about the end of class project that everyone would be working on, the surprise plant that the professor would bring in. When Bryan dropped out, I was joining their group. Al and Eve caught up to us halfway back to the school, English was next and we had that together as well.

Eve looked smug as we walked into the classroom and she took a seat right at the front, in front of Professor Robyns' desk. She was up to something. I chose a seat in the front near the window, Makenna next to me, Flynn next to her, Al behind him, Eve was next to Flynn.

I sat sideways in my seat to watch my friends, Makenna and Flynn exchanged all look, then glanced at Eve, Eve looked back at them

"What? Do I have something on my nose?" Comically she rubbed her nose, we all laughed, even me.

"No," Flynn said, still laughing. "We think you're up to something." Flynn was getting bolder, or maybe he had always been this way, I might not have been paying attention. Al was muttering to his invisible friends, one of them occupying the desk behind Makenna. I eyed the table suspiciously.

"Dante says to stop staring at him." Al said bluntly. I jumped and looked towards the front of the class room.

"Sorry Dante," I whispered. Not knowing if he could hear me, Al didn't say anything else, so it didn't matter. I took out my notebook and the textbook for the class. Quiet conversation continued around the room as more students filed in.

"Here he comes." Flynn announced, and the conversations stopped. There was the sound of shuffling paper as everyone opened their notebooks and got out their texts. Everyone except Eve.

"No Eve, you're already not on a good page with him, after last night..." I whispered to Eve across our friends.

"No, it'll be fine," Eve winked at me. "You'll see."

Just then Professor Oliver Robyns, the new teacher, walked into the room. I definitely heard some longing sighs from the back of the room. Robyns walked to his desk, put a stack of papers in it, and spun around to face us.

"Welcome to English." He said. "I'm Professor Robyns." He looked tired, there were circles under his eyes, I wonder if he slept at all last night, poor guy, we had dragged him out of bed in the middle of the night to yell at us... I looked down at my desk.

"As you all know, English has many rules," Robyns continued.

"Rules are made to be broken." Eve piped up.

"Yes the rules in English do have many exceptions, anyways, the rules in English are very imp-"

"Like the rules at this school." Eve continued. I put my head on the desk. Oh no. Robyns stopped talking and looked at Eve.

"I'm not sure I follow." His voice was cold, clipped. He followed just fine, Eve time to be quiet!

"It's just that- hey!" Eve had been about to say something more when something kicked her chair.

"No Annie!" All said, ice in his voice. Annie, I'd heard about her abilities to mess with stuff on "this side" as Al called it. Eve started to talk again but each time her chair was kicked. Robyns waited, Eve was stubborn,but Annie was more so. Eventually the kicking stopped. All was silent in the classroom.

Robyns went on as if nothing had happened. He turned to the blackboard, as he face away from the class I saw a look pass over his face, he looked scared.

"The rules we will be learning about this year are as follows..." He said, not a quaver in his voice. He was a pretty good actor.

The rest of class as very dull, maybe it would liven up as we all got more comfortable.

"Hey you guys," I stopped in the hall as we made our way out of class. "There was something strange going on in there."

"No kidding," Eve said, rubbing her backside. "Kicking my chair like no ones business."

"Not that..." I faltered. "About Mr. Robyns."

"Please, the man is as mundane as they come." Makenna said.

"Exactly," I raised a finger. "I don't think he has a talent."

"Impossible, why would they let him in?" Flynn asked. I shrugged, it was something to think about for sure.

"I have to get to geometry. Curse you all for being smarter at math than me." I smiled, waving and went to my next class, the only one I had alone. Then it would be lunch, where we could talk about classes so far.

The End

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