Day One!Mature

I was on the fence regarding the new teacher, Mr. Bryans, or whatever he called himself, but after he crashed the pool party... well I can't say I was looking forward to being in his class.

I mean, it was going so well! For a brief moment it was like I had friends! In the plural. The fact that half of them were half-dressed females was merely an added bonus. Is it weird to say that? I mean, you wouldn't hesitate to compliment good art if you saw it...

Yeah, I know. It's probably weird. Needless to say, this was a... new experience for me.

The trudge back to the school was miserable. The distance wasn't all that great, but the wind chill made it seem like miles, and the near-freezing pond suddenly didn't seem so bad in comparison. It was all I could do to keep myself in, in all honesty. The whole intensified senses thing? Yeah, that applies to temperature to a slight degree. That's why I rarely swam.

Envying Al for his level-headedness, I squelched past his room into my own, grabbing a towel from the bar on the wall as I entered. Simultaneously rubbing away the water and the shame, I tried to stop replaying the last quarter of an hour. Largely unsuccessful, I hung the towel back on the rack, grabbed my mp3 player and buried myself in bed, eventually falling asleep to the soundtrack of the Avengers.




"Good morning Makenna!"

There was a groan, and a muttered "Morning Flynn."

I rolled out of bed and was halfway through brushing my teeth when it hit me: Today was the first day of school.

Even if you don't like school, there is something... I don't know, magical? mysterious? awe-inspiring? about the first day... you may hate every day afterwards, but no one can hate the first day. 

I ran down all three flights of stairs, causing a few moans, groans, and curses as I woke people up, and came to a halt at the receptionist's desk.

"Good morning Flynn!" She said cheerily, turning to rifle through a stack of papers. 

"Morning Ms. Van Althuis!" I responded, happy that someone else appreciated mornings like I did. After another moment of shuffling she made a small exclamation of triumph and pulled out my schedule for the term. I accepted it graciously before unceremoniously bolting back upstairs. 

I knew which classes I had, there were registering sessions at the end of every term, but the schedule told us when and where everything would be held. I liked the system here. All the students were sorted out by levels: elementary, junior high, and senior high. Every class was geared for a specific level, meaning everyone in the level could take it if they wished. This mean that there was usually a variety of "grades" in each class, but they were close enough that everyone could handle it. The only real exception was math, for obvious reasons. 

My first class of the day was Herbology, not something I envisioned myself going into, but I had enough room in my schedule for it, and it sorta reminded me of Harry Potter. My second class was-


"Morning Lance!"

"Why Flynn? Why?"

Al was also getting around next door, and I shouted, "Al, schedules are in! Hurry and up grab yours!"

"Working on it" he whispered, once again testing my ability. 

"Good!" I replied, to let him know I had heard him.

"Every time" he said amusedly, and I could almost picture him shaking his head.

Several minutes later I heard the footsteps outside my door, and I jogged over quietly, waiting for the footsteps to stop. Once they did I swung open the door to see Al, fist in the air, poised for a knock that it would never make. 

I'm gonna have to remember that line, I thought.

"So what d'ya got?" I asked, and rather than reading it off, he handed the schedule to me and I scanned over it. 

"Drat. We only have like, five classes together!" I exclaimed, "I thought you said you were going to take 'Basics of Swordplay!'" 


I ran to the door, repeating the process of waiting for them to stop, before surprising whoever was on the other side. 

"Ah! Naomi!" I almost screamed, leaping back and raising my arms in defense, yesterday's incident not forgotten by a long shot.

"At ease Flynn, I won't kill you yet. There are witnesses," and she strolled in, followed by Makenna and the schedule comparisons commenced in earnest. 

"Sweet! We all have Herbology... that should be fun" I said, drawing nods from the three of them, "And there's Eng-"


I blinked.


My sentence hanging, I opened the door and ran out into the hallway. Someone had been calling my name.


It was Eve. I blinked.

It was Eve!

"Here!" I yelled, congratulating myself on another excellent choice of smooth words. 

Eve appeared at the end of the hallway, having just come up the stairs. I met her halfway, curious and slightly excited to see what she wanted, had Dante's advice worked out better than I-

"Ah finally. I was calling your name because I figured you were most likely to hear. Any idea where everyone else is?"

My insides wilted enough to match the flowers from the previous day.

That's whatcha get for raising your hopes up!

Shut up.

"Uh yeah, they're in my room, we're comparing schedules, did you grab yours?"

She flashed the piece of paper in her hand, which I took for a 'yes' and followed up by leading her back to the congregation. We spent the final minutes until class poring over class times, ensuring that we wouldn't be totally friendless in any of them. The bell rang, and we all scattered to our first class: Herbology. 

Mr. Seden was in charge of this one. I liked him quite a bit, he was boisterous and friendly, and he had a bit of an accent that I couldn't quite place, but that still sounded cooler than whatever accent I had. The classroom was full of life, both animal and vegetable, and the parts that weren't occupied by cages and pots, were inhabited by medium sized black desks, wide enough for two people each.

"Alright class let's take a temporary seat! Welcome to Herbology 101. I know most of your faces, and the ones that I don't recognize, I'll have down by the end of the week. Before we nail down seating, I'd like you to choose someone to be your lab partner for the term. You will share a table, to make things easier for all of us. You have one minute, go!"

This being a class about plants, Naomi was the first to go. I figured that Eve, as the new girl, would end up alone, but as I turned to face her, I saw that she had attracted quite the crowd as well. In mere moments, just about everyone had paired up. Turning to the chair next to me, I saw Makenna looking just about as bewildered. I gave her shoulder a tap,

"Lab partners?"

A shrug, "Sure. Why not?"

And so began Day One.

The End

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