Asserting ControlMature

I rubbed my eyes. The letters on my papers were beginning to blur together, and it was still looking like I would have to improvise tomorrow's lesson. I knew I should finish, but if I kept this up I would fall asleep at my desk and wake up as students were filing into the room. That would be a great first impression of me. The teacher who sleeps at his desk.

I stood and turned off my lamp, the darkness was bliss for my tired eyes. I let them adjust so I could see, and made my way out of the class room. It was close to midnight, and I expected silence would reign, it being the night before school started, so when I heard whispers I shook it off as old school with old noises.

I was ready to collapse on to bed when I got into my room, but a glance out my window showed me candle light coming from under a tree near the lake, and several students on the lakeshore. I opened my window so I could hear anything they were saying.

"Right, looks like it's going to be me..." That was Eve's voice, and shame on me for recognizing it so easily already. Eve took a candle to the waters edge and before I knew what was going on had taken off her shirt. Quickly I looked away, trying not to see anything, my mind racing, trying to figure out the best course of action. I heard a splash a looked back in time to see another girl jump in, silhouetted in the moonlight. I rubbed my hands across my face.

Of course, I would get this room.

There seemed nothing else to do, the rules were no swimming in the lake. I had to stop them. More splashing came from the lake and some squeals from the girls, I heard male voices too. It was all highly inappropriate. I grabbed my jacket, glad I hadn't changed into my pajamas yet, and ran out of my door, no longer sleepy.

The front hall was dark and deserted, I tried to keep as quiet as possible, as afraid of being caught as if I was a student. The front door was locked, but I unbolted it, planning to lock it again when I brought the students in.

Should I bring towels? No let them suffer... But, decency... It's too late for that.

I strode out onto the lawn, the moonlight shone bright on the lawn, the candles near the lake looked as bright as the sun.

"... Don't splash me!"

"...hey, that's cold!"

They weren't even making an effort to be quiet. I walked up closer to the lake, making sure they could all see me, I crossed my arms, trying to display a stern disapproving manner.

One by one the students fell silent, standing frozen in the water. Good.

"Swimming in the lake is off limits." I growled.

One of the students leaned back, kicking water in my direction. Eve.
"Aww, but we're having so much fun!" She cooed. One of the boys took his cue from her, also relaxing into the water.

"Yeah, Teach, don't spoil it."

"B-but guys..." It was Naomi, her teeth chattering. She still stood frozen in the water with her arms wrapped around herself. I couldn't tell if she was cold or just scared.

Hopefully both. I thought cruelly.

"Get out of the water! Now." I scolded. Naomi just about jumped out of her skin. Why did I make that girl so nervous? Another girl, I recognized her in the moonlight, Makenna, stood up.

"Come on guys, Party's over." Showing no fear she walked out of the water. I fixed my eyes on a spot across the lake, using my ears and peripheral vision to ensure that all of the students got out of the water. The boys got out, standing awkwardly by the lakeside. Then Naomi and the other girl. Eve lounged in the water still.

"You guys are too goody two shoes." She called.

"Eve, if you don't get out, I will come in there and get you." I called out. I was bluffing but maybe she wouldn't notice.

"Come in a get me Ollie. The waters great!" She noticed.

I crossed my arms and waited.

Slowly. Slooooowwwwwwlllly, Eve got out of the water. She sauntered, she was trying to get my attention. I found that spot on the opposite shore and stared at it. Hard.

Finally they were all out of the water.

"Get dressed. Go to bed. If I catch you down here again your punishments will be severe." Most of them scurried into their pajamas and ran back to the school. Eve took her sweet time, as if doing a photo shoot. What was that girl playing at? My self control was melting. Shaking my head I turned my back on her and walked, briskly, back to the school.

I was not going to play her game. So help me.

The End

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