Annie Doesn't Like EveMature

Well, today seemed to be going like any other after Eve and the others were in their rooms. I guessed they were unpacking and preparing for the next day when classes started. Thanks to Dante, I did't need to worry about classes or textbooks. Well, except for in English. Dante had been a math professor with a strong interest in science. He taught me everything I needed to surpass the others, but had trouble when it came to English. 

"Hopefully that new teacher will be easy on you," Dante was saying as I sat on my small cot in my nearly empty room, "So all we got to do is focus on making you the best in all the other areas so you can't beat those other brats." I gave him a glare. "And Flynn. He isn't a brat, OK?"

I nodded. "Do you know where Annie went off to?" She had been gone since I got back to my room. It was odd, really. She usually told me when she was going for a walk. Plus, Annie didn't like moving through walls and objects, so someone would notice when she opened a door. 

"I think she went to see that new girl, Al," Dante said, laying down on my bed. I wasn't worried about him, though. Annie was already in a foul mood with school starting - she didn't like people walking through her - and a new girl who didn't know any better was a threat in my sister's eyes. I did not understand this like my studies, which Dante said I understood very well, so I had to do something.

I told Dante to wait and quickly walked out the door. Oh man, this wasn't good. Luckily, Eve was walking down the hallway and not in her room. Unluckily, Annie was walking beside her, probably getting ready to push...

"A-annie," I shouted, startling the new girl and a few others - two of which were on the other side, "Don't do it! I-its bad to mess with people."

Eve was looking at me oddly, then. "Who are you-" she was cut off as Annie pushed he r roughly against the wall. Oh man... 

"Leave her alone, or I won't talk to you!" That got her. Annie gave me an angry look and walked through a wall, something that proved she was really mad. 

I didn't know what else to do, so I walked over and gave Eve a hand up. "Are you ok?" I asked quietly, trying not to stutter and be polite like Dante had taught me.

"Y-yeah," she said, looking around, "Where did... Annie?.. go off to?"

I shook my head. "She went through the wall to watch Flynn's movie," I told her softly, starting to move away, "Sorry... Just tell me if she tries to mess with you again." And with that, I hurried back to my room and sat down next to Dante, who was smiling like a fool.


"Nothing, just enjoy watching a kid messing a golden opportunity up," Dante said, "You need to beat Flynn to that girl, Al!"

I shook my head. I didn't understand girls. I didn't really want to either...

The End

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