Going GreenMature

I stood there, laughing at Naomi's closed door for a few minutes before I turned and headed back to my room. My room was covered in photos of me going places, like the Sahara Desert Sophomore year, or that anti-war movement trip in Italy. That had been a hoot. They were all cheap research trips, mostly, but my parents didnt mind dropping a couple hundred bucks if it meant I didn't come home.

Next, I was gonna make Naomi come with me to the Brazilian Rainforest. She would be so outraged at the logging industries there, that she wouldn't be able to control herself, and she'd probably end up doubling the size of the rainforest single-handedly. If only I could somehow convince her to go...

I arranged some of the mural to put up the last few arctic photos, when I heard a knock on my door. Opening it up, I saw Kate's grinning face beaming at me.

"Kate! How was your summer?" I asked cheerfully.

"Ah, you know, same old, same old." Kate said, striding in and jumping on my bed. "My uncle took me to his archery range at some old camp, and let me shoot from a hundred yards away."

Kate's power was insane eyesight, like a Hawk's. I was kinda jealous. I found myself wondering what she could do to change the world, when I realized she'd kept talking.

"...bullseye after bullseye, I think he was impressed." I nodded.

"I hear you and Corin are a thing, how did that happen?" I asked abrubtly.

"He ended up part of this boys group that came to the camp, and we ended up...connecting." She blushed and I let up.

"Have you unpacked yet? Did you get me a T-shirt from the camp?"

"Did you get me something from your oh-so-special global warming trip?"

I laughed. It was good to be back home, even after just a little while. DVA was our own little oasis of weirdos and anomalies. "Yeah, of course I did, just let me find it..."

The End

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