Mangled BouquetMature

I watched as Eve walked by carrying a bouquet, a terribly arranged and now wilting bouquet. The guy who gave it to her must have picked the flowers himself. Those poor flowers, I couldn't help myself.

"Eve, those flowers, may I?" I asked, she looked surprised that I had lost my mumble, but I was standing up for my babies. I took the bouquet from her, it immediately perked up, the colors becoming brighter, the stems straightening out. I moved some of the flowers around, letting each bloom shine in its own way. I handed it back to Eve.

"Put a little sugar in their water, they will stay fresh longer." I said. "And recut those stems, then need to be cut at an angle." I felt tears coming to my eyes, those poor mangled flowers looked like they had been cut with safety scissors.

"Ok," Eve looked at the flowers. When she didn't say anything else I let my curiosity get the better of me.

"Who gave you the flowers?" I had to ask.

"Flynn," she said, and she might have continued but I was walking away already. Flower murderer. Hopefully I could catch him by some ivy that I could strangle him with.

The sounds of a movie were pouring out of his door. Lord of the Rings by the sound of things. Shame, I enjoyed that film. I banged on the door, hard. I heard the movie pause, the sound going dead for a moment, then Flynn opened the door.

"What is it Naomi? I didn't think you were the jealous type." He was trying to make light of things, as if he didn't know why I was there. I puffed myself up, trying to make myself a little bigger, more threatening. It may have worked, I couldn't read Flynn's face. I didn't feel confident, I was losing steam. I tried another tactic, leaning against the doorframe.

"You know why I'm here, or at least you should. You hear everything." I said, keeping my tone light. Flynn looked at me, genuinely not knowing what I was talking about. Wow, he had been absorbed, he really likes Lord of the Rings, of course, I knew that. I walked over to the window, opening it and leaning out, my shoulders slumped in disappointment, this side of the building had been cleared of ivy.

I turned suddenly, Flynn was edging back to his bed, wear his tv remote lay.

"Don't even think about it. You're going to listen to me." I said coldly.

"Alright, what?" He wanted to get back to his movie.

"You murdered my flowers. An entire handful of them, for what. So you can impress some girl who won't even give you a second thought? Flynn, you should know better." He puffed up, I'd hit a nerve. Good. I was no good with words, plants don't use them.

"You need a lesson." I said. He genuinely looked scared, glancing at the window. I decided to leave it at that, and wait until he was walking past the hedgerows.

"Watch yourself," I smiled, knowing that with my words it created a frightening image. And left the room. It took a few minutes for the movie to turn back on and I smiled. Sometimes I was glad I didn't say much, there was less for him to hear that way.

I went to my room just across the hall, and looked around at my precious plants. The potted ivy near my door had sprouted over the doorframe creating a leafy frame for my room, more plants near the window were large, their blooms easily twice the size of normal flowers. It was a botanists dream, if you were allergic to pollen, it was a nightmare, I just loved plants.

I opened my window, there was ivy on this side of the building. But I needed to calm down, no one was in here to strangle and the negative energy was bad for the plants.

Makenna walked into my room, looking concerned.

"Hey, what happened with Flynn? I heard you yelling." She sat on my bed, playing with the petals of a rose growing at her feet.

"He gave Eve a bouquet." I said, gritting my teeth.

"You like Flynn? I didn't think you were the jealous type."

"No, he mangled the flowers. It wasn't even a good bouquet: the poor flowers were wilted, there was still grass tangled around some of the stems, it was terrible."

"Oh," Makenna nodded in understanding.

"Yeah, and now I can't even watch LotR with him, because I'm mad. And the ivy may strangle him." I sat next to her on my bed. She laughed,

"Calm down Naomi, you should put your powers to better use than that." Here it comes. "I mean, I spent my summer at the North Pole, I'm going to stop the poles melting, you know what you could do?"

"No Kenna," I stopped her. Can we just focus on our problems today?"

"But the worlds problems are so much bigger than ours."

"Okay, thank you for the advice Makenna," I stood, gesturing to the door.

"Okay, okay I get the message." Makenna laughed and backed out the door. "Just don't kill Flynn okay?"

"Fine. But I make no guarantees that the flowers won't take revenge." I closed the door, but I heard Makenna laughing in the hallway.

The End

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