"Tell Dante and Annie their advice was impeccable as always" I said as the two of us, or... four of us, made out way upstairs following breakfast. 

"You realize they can hear you, right Flynn?" Al replied quietly, then tilted his head as one of his ghostly companions said something to him. 

"Yeah I know," I told him, and it was true, I did, "I don't know, I guess it just seems a little more... respectful to me?"

"Well they said they'd love it if you addressed them directly. You don't me to be your medium," he said with a quiet laugh, making on a play on the word 'medium.'

I chuckled with him for a moment, before glancing back in his general direction, "Well thank you then. The mission was accomplished."

Al listened again for a moment, then blushed profusely, "I'm not telling him that."

While Al carried on a hushed conversation with his companions, I thought over what a uniquely odd situation this was. Back before I had been accepted into the school, I had grown very accustomed to being a third wheel, so that bothered me very little, but being a third wheel to a non-living, non-visible party... it was-


"More students are arriving" I informed my friend as we ambled up the long flight of stairs. He blinked and gave me a curious look, which melted into a small smile.

"I think I know why I feel a little more comfortable with you" he said, and I looked at him, raising my eyebrows in an invitation to continue. "I'm not the only one who says things that others don't understand."

"How do you mean?" I asked, a little confused.

"I mean you make me feel the same way I'm sure I make other people feel when I talk to Dante and Annie."

I grinned as understanding gripped me. "It's like in The Dark Knight Rises, when Catwoman pulls a Batman on Batman."

"'So that's what that feels like'" Al growled in his best Batman impression.



"Sounds like Corin."

"Oh joy. I was hoping he'd show up" came the sarcastic reply, accompanied by the rolling of eyes. 

"Yeah. Well he wasn't as much of a jerk after he and Kate became an item last term."

"Maybe she'll change him."

There was a moment of silence as we shared skeptical glances, which was quickly broken by laughter. 

Wiping the tears from eyes I came to halt in front of Al's door. "If only... well I'm probably gonna pop in the Two Towers with Cast Commentary if you want to join me, but if not, I'll probably catch ya at lunch."

With quick nods we parted, each to our own room. As I'd told Al, I flipped through my CD case and pulled the Two Towers Special Extended Edition disc from its pouch and pushed it into the small TV on my dresser. Both had been Christmas gifts, the DVD, one of three, from my parents, and the TV from grandmother. 

I valued the DVDs more than the television, because there were plenty of the tvs, and all were more or less alike, but the Special Extended Editions of my favorite movie... well I made a promise to myself that I'd never watch the normal versions. I was raised on the extended cuts, and had seen them so many times that I quote all three movies by heart, and while most people wouldn't miss the bonus scenes, to me the loss of one would be as glaring as losing a limb.

The opening credits began to roll, along with the cast introductions, and as the movie played I found myself being distracted from the masterpiece on my screen by the ominous and capricious entity known as:

The future. 

Crunching gravel.

Tomorrow would mark the start of my second to last school year. Soon I would have to start thinking of college and getting a job and eventually, maybe, more-than-likely-not a family. But that would keep til next year. This year could be spent on the important things, like video games, books, my novel, passing math without contemplating murder, and girls. 

Psyche! Girls... come on now.

So what were the flowers?

Merely a gift.

You can't lie to me-


I didn't usually take a huge interest in girls, although that was usually because they didn't take a huge interest in me. I'm what some like to call "a nerd." Not that I was embarrassed by that. I loved it. I reveled in being "abnormal."

I mean, not that I had a huge choice, what with the "powers" and all, but even without them, I very likely would have been one of those kids. And I still wouldn't have cared.


Eve introducing herself.

But yeah, Eve. Han Solo said it so well, "Either I'm gonna kill her, or I'm beginning to like her." She was an interesting case. 

But then again, weren't we all?

The End

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