Getting to know you.Mature

My room was decent, like in the pictures, and having checked to see if the corridor was empty to avoid any more encounters, I went to find the food room. I'd skipped having anything before we came, and now I was starving. 

The Lunch Room was kind of cool; like a school cafeteria but with comfy chairs and sofas as well as the usual chairs and tables. It was set in little groups of tables, so people could sit with their friends and not have to yell down a long line. I slipped my headphones on, gripped my satchel strap, and stepped in to the room. Heading over to the open window where the food was I grabbed some toast and a coffee and headed over to one of the comfy chairs near the windows. There, as I nibbled on my toast and gulped hot coffee, I took out my sketch book and started doodling. Nothing special, just birds, but then I loved birds. Half way through a hummingbird feeding from a flower I looked up. 

The guy from earlier, one of them anyway, the one with back chat, was staring at me. Holding flowers. I took my headphones off my ears and let them hang around my neck and looked at him for a minute with a raised eyebrow, but he didn't respond. 

"If you're here to ask me to help cover up the murder of those poor innocent flowers, I can't help you." I said giving him my cheekiest smirk. 

"If you think this is what murdered flowers look like, just wait till we're done." He replied. I chuckled and raised my eyebrow again. 

"And what exactly do you think we'll be doing?" His eyes responded with a twinkling that left me in no doubt what his mind just flicked through. 

"Ah... well... I figured it would involve me giving you these flowers, perhaps a little a dialogue, and then somewhere during the course of this conversation I would slink away with the inevitably obliterated remains of what some might call manly pride, if I possess such a thing."

Okay, so not the answer I was expecting. But then this guy wasn't smooth. 

"Doesn't sound like the normal routine after someone gives a girl flowers." I took pity on him and took the flowers. "Cheers, they'll give me something to draw. You can sit if you'd like?"

"You seem to have me confused with someone normal..." He went to sit but somehow missed and ended up on the floor. I leaned forward, offering my hand and hauled him up. 

"The way I see it, we're all mad here. Besides, super senses seems like an interesting skill. I'm fascinated." I widened my eyes and grinned to reassure him that the hint of sarcasm in my voice was a joke. I really was interested.

"Oh you have no idea. The best part is all the awkward moments that come as a result." 

"Like?" I raised an eyebrow again. It's a habit of mine, one I indulge in frequently because I like the way it looks. 

"Conversations you aren't supposed to hear, things you aren't supposed to see... I've known what I was getting for Christmas ever since I understood what Christmas was." He sighed. "Such a travesty. And of course there's... well... OTHER things..." A blush spread across his cheeks and I smirked. "But that's usually it. The smelling, touching, and tasting isn't usually too much of a burden. Good tastes better, bad tastes worse, it all evens out... except for a few times, like this one instance where-" He blinked and stopped. "Rambling.... sorry."

"No problem." I grinned. 

"Hi." I looked up and found two girls looking at me, holding a tray each with their food on it. 

"Well aren't I popular?" I grinned, hoisting my leg off the floor to perch it on the chair, wrapping my hands around my shin and checking them out. One was a brunette with large green eyes and even larger glasses, the other had lighter hair and the darkest eyes I’d ever seen.

“Can we sit?” The one with dark eyes said. The other one seemed slightly nervy.

“Sure. Draw up a chair. Check out the newbie.” I grinned. They both sat and the dark eyed one spoke again.

“I’m Makenna. This is Naomi.”

“Nice to meet you.” I smiled. They both stared at me, waiting for my name. “I’m Genevieve. Eve. Flynn was just telling me about his special skill.” I jiggled my eyebrows and Flynn choked on the water he was drinking.

“Not… I wasn’t… I just told her about my senses.”

“She’s teasing you Flynn.” Naomi said.

“I knew that.” He muttered.

“So, what are your skills?” I asked, taking another gulp of my coffee.

“I can control the temperature around me.” Makenna said.

“Plants… I can control them. Make them grow…” Naomi said quietly as she sipped her drink.

“What about you?” Flynn asked.

“I’ve got an electric personality.” I grinned, recycling the joke. They just blinked at me. Guess it didn’t really work when they didn’t actually know my power. “I’ve got an electric second skin. Like a force field.”

“Cool.” Flynn said, and then his attention was caught by someone across the room. “Hey Al! Get over here.” I saw the other guy who’d been on the stairs earlier coming over. The dead people guy. His power was the one that interested me the most, I had to say. He looked plagued.

I’d like to draw him. 

The End

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