I slammed my hand down onto the “off” button of my alarm clock. 6:45 already? Morning came too early when it was dictated by the sun.

I'd spent the majority of the summer at a research center near the north pole, since the extreme temperatures didn't bother me, and my parents wanted nothing to do with me or my powers, and the north pole was as far away as I could get. Plus, I got to see a polar bear, and tell everyone my favorite riddle.

“You're in a room with an all southern view, suddenly a bear walks by the window, what color is the bear?”

I'd been up late last night printing pictures from the trip. I wasnt used to the dark, after a month of the midnight sun, and when I looked out my window, I was glad to see it was finally up, and I jumped out of bed, dressing quickly in a black button down, leaving the top two undone and jeans. No need to wear the school uniform until tomorrow, when the semester started.

Since I hadn't come back until close to midnight, I hadn't seen my friends Flynn and Naomi since I'd left for the Arctic Circle, and I was excited to see them again, and I ran down the hall toward the main stairs. Naomi was an early riser, and she'd probably be in the garden.

I actually bumped into Naomi on the stairs, as she took them two at a time, her face was tense, and glancing down the stairs, I saw why. An official looking lady in very tall heels was standing, talking to a younger man in business casual, with another girl, maybe our age, looking rather bored nearby. Outsiders. They probably had abilites too, but they were new to our isolated world here at the Academy, and thus, we had to keep an eye on them or at least an ear. Flynn could do that easily.

I walked with Naomi back up the stairs, and went to her room, where she used her nervous energy on the potted plants she kept there. It was like a greenhouse with all the flowers and small trees. No plant ever died in Naomi's presence. I sat on her bed as she told me the information she'd learned.That the lady was the new headmistress, and the girl was her daughter, and the young man was the new English Professor, since both headmaster and english professor had retired last year. I dont think it was my fault, but I knew that teaching kids with powers could overwhelming, and I dont think Professor Harkins was very happy about Jasper sending a fireball at his desk last year, catching all our English essays to ashes well, he was aiming at me, but his aim was really, really off.

Anyway, that's why there were new people. Yep. I heard some doors closing down the hall, must be the new girl moving in. Maybe we'd see her at breakfast.

The End

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