Dirty HandsMature

I was in the garden when the cars pulled up. Looking over the trimmed hedge lining the driveway I saw a tall woman dressed in a skirt suit step out of the car in fancy heels. Form the backseat a thin girl wearing skinny jeans and a white shirt buttoned all the way up. I shook my head at that choice, if you aren't wearing a tie, loosen the top button at least, much better style. I looked down at my own current outfit, a dusty, faded sundress with a brown smock covering it, dirt covered my hands and I was barefoot. I shouldn't be judging anyone style now. I brushed a hand over my forehead, leaving a smudge of dirt I'm sure, to get my hair out of my face. It was falling out of its braid, I huffed, making the tendrils flutter before my eyes, I had only been up for an hour, and it couldn't be much further along than 7 in the morning.

I turned back to my flowers, a patch of primrose just beginning to bloom, when the crunch of gravel caused me to look out again. There was a man driving this car, a young one. I stared, he was pretty good looking, dressed professionally, but he didn't look old enough to be a teacher, I found myself hoping he was a student, but my hopes were dashed when I heard the words "staff room." The girl was flirting with him, tilting her head coyly and smiling at him with her perfect teeth. I shook my head, this judging thing was not good for me. I looked down at my flowers, but I found it hard to concentrate on the small pink blossoms when something good might be happening on the other side of the hedge. Mentally I scolded myself for my choice of garb, if I was dressed nicer I might just walk out from behind this hedge and tell that new teacher where the staff room is. I heard the front door close and all the people were gone, their cars still in the drive, but those would be taken care of, this was a top notch school.

I tried to curb my disappointment in my missed chance, I could feel it pouring down my arms ready to burst out of my fingertips and wilt the hedge. I needed to get out of the garden until I was feeling better. Looking around to ensure no one was nearby I ran out on to the gravel path and to the front door. I slipped into the hall, closing the door as quietly as I could, a quick glance around the hall showed me the new headmistress and the new teacher were at the reception desk, I tried to sneak past but the receptionist called out before I could make my escape.

"...And this is one of the student Ms. Naomi Machness." She said pleasantly. Both of the new teachers turned to look at me, frozen mid step just past the front doors. I stood up straight, putting my hands behind my back.

"Hello..." I said quietly, trying to shrink back into the wood paneling, the dead wood behind me was unnerving, I could feel it trying to respond to my power. I clenched my fists. The young teacher was walking towards me. I looked at the woman instead.

She was tall slim and gorgeous, she was young too, but looked very adult. Maybe she just had a really good moisturizer, her heels were at least three inches tall and very shiny, they caught the light pouring through the tall windows near the doors.

"I'm Oliver Robyns, the new English teacher, call me Professor Robyns, or just Robyns if you like." He held out his hand to shake. I stared at it for a moment, knowing my power wouldn't have any effect on him, but I saw a wilted rose in his pocket. The amount of energy I was channelling right now, the rose may just decide to jump to life and grow into a bush right there on Professor Oliver Robyns. I didn't take his hand.

"I've been in the gardens, so if you don't mind." I started edging for the stairs. Robyns dropped his hand, a little too fast for my liking, and shoved it in his pocket. I glanced towards the stairs, then back at the teachers.

"It was nice to meet you." I said, then I fled.

The End

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