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I rolled out of bed, wishing for the umpteenth time that I could actually jump out, but that would take too long, and I'd probably hit my head on the ceiling. So I rolled. An alarm went off seven doors down the hall, Makenna's by the sound of it, eliminating the need for me to look at the clock, the alarm always went off at 6:45. 

I made it to the window in time to see a girl step out of the car, followed shortly after by a woman who I assumed was her mother. 

Gravel crunch. 

My head turned quickly to see Ms. Mullins marching down the walk to greet the two new arrivals. It was going to be a day for new faces, we were getting a new classmate and a new-

"Welcome to your new school headmistress. I'm-"

Oh. Interesting. They didn't tell us they were relate-

Bed creak.

"Morning Al!" I shouted, as my "next door neighbor" Al Phonse got out of bed. 

"Morning Flynn" he whispered, and though we were separated by a wall, it didn't matter, I still heard. Because I'm special. My mother told me so.

Well, ok, it's not quite like that, but... well yeah, it's kinda like that. I- we, all of us here at the school, have a gift. A talent. Something beyond the means of ordinary mortals.

How poetic.


Car? Again?

I ran back over to the window in time see a man step out.

The teacher!

I had forgotten. As usual. My memory is rather sporadic. I could quote the first 15 minutes of The Incredibles or reference a tv show that I saw when I was four, but remembering actual important details? Ha.

The teacher.

Oh right, the teacher. He was pretty handsome. By which I mean if I were a normal guy I might worry about my prospects with the ladies. But I didn't care about the ladies. 

Well I care, I just... wow. Bad start. 

I'm a-


Oh right. He was now talking to the new girl, who was also good looking. 

I wonder if she likes Lord of the-

"So Genevieve... Eve? Reckon you could show me to the staff room?"

Nice name.

"I would, but I have no idea where it is. I'm new too."

"You look a little young to be a headteacher."

She's the headteacher?

"What makes you think I'm the head?" 

The guy smiled, he had nice teeth, "That was your only other opening wasn't it?"

"Yeah. And my mum took it."

I thought not.


"Morning Lance!"

"Screw you Flynn!"

He didn't like me very much, I was determined to try and change that. My success hadn't been very... successful though.

It was now seven o'clock, I momentarily forgot the girl as I dressed myself in a flurry of clothes, pajamas going back under the pillow. 


Ah right, the new girl. "Al! Want to say hi?"



In a matter of seconds I was out my door and waiting outside of Al's. He emerged shortly, though not quite as enthusiastically, and down the stairs we went.

And up the stairs came the girl.

"Hey!" I greeted, sticking out a hand, "Welcome to DVA, I'm Flynn-"

"And you'll be waiting on me this evening?" She interjected with a smirk. I blinked, momentarily taken a back, and the new girl, Eve, took the moment to look down at her key.

"Can you tell me which room is 6a?"

"Would you like fries with that?" I retorted, the words coming out, as they usually did, before I could think about them.

"Nice," she said, "6a?"

I pointed behind me, "A few doors down on the left. Anyways, I'm Flynn, and this is Al."

"Charmed" she drawled, then gave us both an appraising glance. "So what do you guys do?"

For the first time, Al spoke up and whispered, "I see dead people..." As always, his line made me laugh, but the new girl, Eve, simply quirked an eyebrow. 

"I guess you haven't seen that one yet," Al said, and the new girl, Eve, turned to me.

"I..." pause for effect, "Can see through windows!"

The new girl, Eve, pursed her lips and pushed between Al and I.

"Bye Eve!" I called out, and she stopped in her tracks.

"How do you know that?"

I gestured to myself, making an effort to reel in the hyperactivity that seemed to really be taking hold today. "I have super-senses. Sort of. I heard you talking with the new professor."

"I see. Well bye now."


I looked over at Al, "Think she likes us?"

Al seemed startled, as if I had interrupted him in the middle of a conversation, which considering him, I probably had.


"Do you think she likes us?"

"Probably not."

"Too much?"

Al sighed, "Yeah. Too much."

The End

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