Genevieve ArrivesMature

An academy for the gifted student, with something more than your average difference to them.

"You are not wearing that." My mother frowned, crossing her arms at the bottom of the staircase. 

"Why not?" I looked down at my outfit; white shirt buttoned to the neck tucked in to black skinny jeans, brogues and my leather jacket. 

"Why don't you wear that dress I bought for you?"

"Mum..." I groaned. 

My mum looked at the watch that covered her scarred arms; I winced at the sight of them. 

"We're going to be late. Fine, wear that. Just get your stuff in the car please?"

"Already done." I grabbed my satchel from the door of my room, took one last look around and then headed downstairs. "Let's go."

"Put these on your lap." My mum said, passing me a file with a leaflet on top as we climbed in to the car. I looked down at them and saw the picture of my new school. Decorus Virtus Academy. "Buckle up." 

"Yes mum." I rolled my eyes and put my belt on, and then we pulled away from our house. I flicked through the leaflet as we drove; a place for 'special' students, grand pictures of a mansion graced the front, while inside I was treated to the fields and stables... stables? Seriously? There are horses? I rolled my eyes. Posh. The bedrooms looked nice though. You got your own room, a fairly sizeable one with a big bed and a desk for your laptop... 

"Looks good doesn't it?"

"I guess." I shrugged, looking up. "Oh."

We were here. The gravel path we were driving up suddenly reached the top of the hill and the building appeared. Mansion was a bit of an understatement. Hidden from view at the bottom of the hill by the trees, this building was beautiful. I wanted to sketch it instantly. The pictures really didn't do it any justice. 

"And look at the view." My mum said. I looked round and saw the in front of the building, down the hill, there was an open space which the trees lined and at the bottom, surrounded by more trees; a lake. "The school rules forbid any swimming in that lake Eve. So don't you even think about it."

I rolled my eyes again. We parked with some other cars, and I got out of the range rover, checked my hair in the window, and went to get my bags out of the back. 

A stern looking woman in a tweed suit appeared out of the building and marched across to us. She had a beauty spot above her lip on the right, and horn-rimmed glasses. 

"There you are!" She cried. "We were waiting for you!"

"Oh joy." I muttered under my breath as she reached my mother and shook her hand. 

"Welcome to your new school headmistress. I'm Agnes Mullins, deputy head and math teacher. This must be your daughter, Genevieve?"

"This is her."

I pushed myself from the car where I'd been leaning and nodded to her, hands in my jacket. 

"And your mother said you had... what was it again?" She peered through her glasses at me and I resisted the urge to chuckle. 

"I believe the phrase is... an electric personality." I smirked. My mother glared at me and Miss Mullins coughed. 

"Right. Well. You've got a couple of hours to settle in before the students arrive. The new appointment should be arriving soon too but everyone else is in the staffroom. I'll show you to your room first... You can get your key from reception Genevieve."

"Cheers." I said. "Bye mother, have a fun first day!"

My mother scowled at me. 

"Behave." She took her suitcases from the car, let me get my things before locking up the car and followed Agnes Mullins. I rolled my eyes at her back and started getting all my things together. I looked up at the sound of wheels on gravel, and saw a car appearing. A nice car. There was a guy driving and he was... kind of cute actually. Hmmm. New teacher?

"Nice car." I called as he got out. 

"Thanks." He had one of those grins, the ones that everyone goes nuts for. Not me though. Definitely not someone who goes nuts. 

"How does it corner?"

"Alright I guess." He smiled. "Need a hand?" He gestured to my suitcase and bags. 

"Sure." I grinned. "Thanks." 

He grabbed a bag from the car and came and took my suitcase, then we walked in together. 

"I'm Oliver by the way." He said as we entered the building. 

"Genevieve. Eve."

"I like Genevieve." He smiled. Resting my suitcase he looked around. "Woah." I shared his enthusiasm. The building was beautiful; old wood floors and ceilings, stone, paintings... it was like the perfect mix of old and new. "So Genevieve... Eve? Reckon you could show me to the staff room?"

"I would, but I have no idea where it is. I'm new too."

"You look a little young to be a headteacher."

"What makes you think I'm the head?"

"That was the only other opening wasn't it?" He grinned. 

"Yeah. And my mum took it." I grinned. His grin faltered a bit. 

"Oh. Sorry. I thought you were older... so you're a student?"

"Yeah. Everyone thinks I'm older, don't worry." I grinned. "Well thanks for the hand Oliver. I'd better go get my room key."

"Actually, it's Mr Robyns..."

"We're not in class yet Oliver." I winked and then went to get my key.

Maybe this school was going to be fun after all. 

The End

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