The NightMature

I undress , and jump into my bed , inside a room beautiffuly painted with blood red patterns covering half the walls, covered with pictures, or weapons from the war or just simple keepsakes vowed never to be used by my hand ever agian.  That man, I don't know what to think of him. It was all to fishy, the money and the timing...... it just so convenient.  He crosses me and I will make his life utterly miserable.I fall asleep soon afterwards to unpleasant dreams.

" Shard get up here help me rig this c..." slam,  one of my comrades was vaperised , Our enemy came over the hill, well this was suppose to be a peace treaty. We have been mislead and betrayed! And since thats what we beleive we had a small weapons cash.  I  jump over the protection as swords and bullets, and magic whiz by.  I catch a bolt of magic and fire it back 30 times as strong as it was begore. It whipes out a small platton , out flys my  blade slicing a man in half, I disapear and suddenly dozen of men lay on the ground.  That wasn't the real thing though as large machines step forwards missiles , and large canon shots firing destroying our encampment. I slice a couple down before  The leader show up, I was orderd to stand down by superiors. I didn't want to agree but saw no other course of action. I drop the sword. I look at the figure with the highest ranking insignia, but before I see the face I'm shot down.Along with my comrades there blood soaking the ground, as they die slowly they begin to take what little magic potenial they had left. Why? I was next, The machine stabs in to my back, I scream.

I wake up instantly in a sweat , making a killer amount of noise apparently cause the door was  knocking like mad. Man I hadn't seen that chapter in my life in a long time but that figure....., a warning.

" Shard!" Rao yells, her voice bringing me to reality, man I hope they don't worry about me. I put some pants on before I unlock the door.

" Hey." 

" Are you okay in there? You where screaming , and making the hole house shake!" She says. I rub the back of my head.

" I'm sorry, I hope I didn't wake you." 

" No its almost time to get up. If this continues where not going to need alarm clocks!" She says.

The End

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