I lay in my bed and thought. The strange wealthy man worried me. But now I had money I wouldn't care. Well, until I saw him again, and then the same feeling of suspicion would arrive.

And Baret hadn't come today. It made me sad to think of him all alone, making weapons, quiet. I knew Shard knew I liked Baret, and I  had since the first day I met him. But I couldn't get through to him. Mainly because whenever he came I got about as shy and  quiet as he did. I could talk to everyone else, but not him. Around him, I didn't want to sound stupid.

I got up, wandering around, playing with my hair.

When would I get the guts to talk to him properly? I was skilled with magic, loved weapons and was built to fight, and yet I couldn't talk to a guy? This is stupid. Tomorrow, I will talk to him, whether he comes or not. If he doesn't, I'll find him.

But that strange man might come again. And tell us exactly what we are supposed to do. Strange man. I used magic to turn out my light, and then because it was distracting me I switched off the light outside in the corridor. There was a muffled bump.


The End

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