Everyone except me and Shard Decloak. I pick my long gun off of the table and go over to stand next to Decloak. His eyes quickly look at me then back at our team. "You gonna tell me what's up?" I ask, kepping my voice low so it's just him who can hear me.

He looks down at me with his dark green eyes that I can just about see under his pale orange hair. "I'm fine." He says and smiles at me. I sigh. "If you say so boss." I mutter, knowing he can hear me. "You going to get your money Rao?" He asks. I look around at the team with my piercing blue eyes and snort.

"I prefer to not get squshed in there." I say. Even though I am 5"8, this lot will squish me easily if I try and make it through them. I put my pistols in my boots, something I always do when I need my hands. I flick my fingers towards me, thinking of my share.

It suddenly comes flying into my hands. I quickly flick through it. "It's real." I tell Decloak, my voice full of shocked. "He is obviously rich, why does real money surprise you?" Shard asks. I move a strand of my long, auburn, hair out of my face. "He seems odd. I can't put my finger on it but there's something about him that I don't trust." I say looking at Shard.

He just nods. I roll my blue eyes and go back to the table. I sit down and think. That's what I do best, thinking and fighting.  I start to drum my fingers on the table. "I'm gonna crash." Yawns Cire. We say night to her. "You going to get so sleep tonight Rao?" Stacy asks me sitting on the chair opposite.

Stacy is small, 3"11, but he's really strong. I smile. "Maybe. There is still some things I need to analyse." I tell him. He shakes his head, making his black hair move. "Okay." He says then gets up and goes to bed. "You should sleep Rao. You'll need all your enery tomorrow." Shard tells me, I know he's nervous about the fight tomorrow but I know better then to comment on it.

I nod to him. I still don't know if Iwill sleep, after all I still haven't properly analysed the blade I found on our last mission. We don't normally take things from missions but I needed a new knife, my last one is in a guy at the bottom of the sea at the moment, and this one called out to me.

I pull out my new blade and look at it. It's Egyptian, I know that from the hieroglyphics on the handel. My eyes scan around it, looking for something that I don't really know what. I stop. My blue eyes widen. No,that can't be right. I frown down at it. No, it's right, I never make mistakes when it comes to hieroglyphics.

On the handel it has my name on it. There's a picture of a oval, then a bird, then a rope with a knot. That is strange. I pull out my pad and start to copy the hieroglyphics, there must be something magical about this blade.

The End

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