Taking itMature


Everyones ears , and eyes perked up to the mysteriouse man.

" Sir?"Cire asks

" What does this job entail?"

" I can't tell you unless you agree first." He says.  I was stuck and I didn't think I had any options, I guess we would take. I was pretty sure my team was one of the best and could handle anything.

" Alright." I respond Cire records that and writes it down, he hands Cire a briefacase of money.

" Thats for simply saying yes, now for the actual hard part. I'am a very rich man, and I ' am the target for many enemies, and so is my men and money , and currently the competition is just trying to kill me through many means. So basically , I will have you dispatched as my agents to protect me, my product, profit, or other missions regarding actually getting down to there level."  He explains. Oh great so he going to be my boss.

" How long?" I ask

" Next few months, each mission 5 million....... each."  He said calmly. I was shocked but didn't show it.  as much as I found this fishy , it was exactly the break I was waiting for.

" Tommorow please meet here," He says giving Cire a folder, " Tommorow I know there is going to be a small battle. Give my men the support they need. At the worst severly maime. Death would infuraite them."

" Alright. I guess we'll be talking tommorow." I say.

" Thank you so much." he says and leaves.  There was something I didn't like as he left, but for now I will stay quiet. 

" Man five mill for dealling with the kiddies.  I believe  that apple in the fridge may have developed a  hallucinogenic!" Glaren says trying to be funny but lost his touch.

" Alright guys , Cire will hand you money out appropiately. I trust you will be well rested for tommorow."


The End

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