A group of ex-soldiers, ex gang , or just men , and women , who pride themselves in fighting, magic using , or robotic arms. This group works under a man named Shard Decloak , a mysterious but very optimistic leader , who deals in fighting evil, taking contracts from the city, bounty hunting, or people looking for investigators.

A few things.

Decloak operates from a city named Tora , where the city looks like a combination of a ancient city , and sci fiction wonder come true. Where both cybernetic limbs, and magic are possible. Not everyone is magically intune but most soldiers are. More shall be given in the story. You can create a new character just please contact me about it, otherwise choose an open character and enjoy. I might write as few of the characters until they are chosen

Also  no one can write as Glaren , even I can't lolz now to the fun stuff.



" Alright you finally have my attention. Shard Decloak here." I say a little frustated on the phone line , while leaning on the oak desk.

" Shard Decloak." The man on the otherside of the phone says prolonged loathing, " I would like to know when payments for damages caused , from ....... lets just say out encounter will be payed. I assume the money you have proffited off  from our buisness should be sufficent?" 

" Ah Mr. Mendez , I'am afraid not building cost , and paying for my people have , taken all money leaving me incredibly broke." I say , and was afraid it was sadly true then again the time for courage was begining to die, and those left from fighting for this world in one way or another are screwed.

" Must I take this to the justice system Mr.Decloak its been quite a few months now."  Mendez says annoyed.

" You'll recieve it soon , I promise." I sar irratably and slam the phone onto the desk.  How long can I hope to not pay that overbearing bastard?  I walk out the front door, and plaster a confident smile to my face, as the team sat bored holding weapons , sharpening or the girls dealing with there beauty products.

" Shard! Do we have a job?! I need the money right now!"  Stacy says his head barely above my waistline the midget pestered me.

" No little Stacy, no job, just dealing with Baret." I say pretending that I was dealing with our weapons technician.

" Don't call me little, I'll beat you down!" Stacy yells.

" Shuttup midget!" Phill says angrily, Glaren just luaghs.

" Aww does our smallest member insecure about his hieght?" He says like a mother to a child asking if they have a boo boo. The team just laughs , except me , I had to look like a leader , and keep confident no matter what, especially with someone like Phill or Glaren, I don't want to slip too much , those two are a dangerouse mix. 

" You know lil'Stacy has a point Shard."  Rao says , as she calmly puts away the two deadliest looking long pistols onto the table, " Shuttup, you people are going to respect me someday!" Stacy yells.

" For the last time Stacy we don't mean it as a insult!" Rao says with venomously," I like working with you Shard. I like this building, but my skills will be payed , alot better with the military then your little buisness. When can I expect a job? One of these days I'm going to need to eat something."

I wanted to yell shout , and lose it infront of them , but instead I kept calm , " Soon , very soon." I mutter at the end.

" Oh by the way when is Baret coming by?" Lalian says blushing at the very thought of the quiet , muscular weapons technician coming by to just say one word to her, I guess you could say its obviouse she really has something for Baret. 

" Not today." I mumble heading for the metallic door when it clicks and clunks open. A tall figure with a large brimmed top hat, and a huge red , and blue coat steps in. I can see rate off the bat it he is unarmed. Cire pushes pass me the secertary , who I was sure knew how to wield a blasterblade , and variouse other guns, but claimed she didn't know how.

" Hi , how can we be of service?" She says the datapad appearing in her hand.

" It simple rather , I have a job." The man's is a low subtle  voice, it also seemed carry many secrets on it.

The End

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