To the MainlandMature

Charlie waited almost impatiently for the German lady to fall asleep. Afterward she ransacked the ship for anything that may have been useful. The cruise liner was probably equip with more food and water, but Charlie didn't want to chance another run in with the Zombies. She found the cargo ship to be free of most 

Minutes or hours later, after another round of gunfire had slayed a new group of zombies, someone was behind the wheel of the cargo ship. Carefully it navigated it's way around the much larger cruise liner. As, it was Charlie was hungry, and they were all in rough shape. The only option now was to find land again for food and supplies. They were all in dire need of medical attention.

Their best plan of action was to find a small town. Some place not crowded, but not too desolate that they couldn't access help. If she had learned anything about the Zombies, it was that they were attracted to heavily populated areas. It was hours before they reached another large port town. Charlie ran upstairs to find Dre behind the wheel. “Have you ever docked a boat before?” She asked hastily.

In response Dre shot her a wide eyed, skeptical look. No, of course he hadn't. Not many of them had prepared for a Zombie apocalypse, let alone plan an escape aboard a cargo ship.

Charlie offered Dre an apologetic look. “Just pull in over there,”She said pointing to a large slot between two impressive yachts. “And try not to clip those ocean liners.”

Dre nodded solemnly. Charlie took out her map again. Destination, The Bermuda Triangle. Charlie suppressed a cry. Couldn't anything be simple?


She jumped at the voice over her shoulder. Terst seemed unmoved by her paranoia. She lowered the map. “Jim's wrong my mother isn't dead. She's being kept alive for leverage. She's a pawn in Reinard's sick little game.”

Terst gently took the map from her. She could see the look of concentration play on his face as he calculated a route, mileage and other traveling expenses.

“Whats that guy's deal anyways?” Dre asked as he steered the ship closer to the dock. “What does he want?”

“Power, control, what we all secretly want,” Charlie admitted quietly.

Dre and Terst nodded in agreement. Charlie stole the map back. “Once I find the...” She paused trying to make out David's scratchy handwriting. “Blessed...Zweihander? All I have to do is drive it through Reinard's deranged heart and we can all go back to our lives.

Besides her Terst snickered. “It's going to be that easy huh?”

Charlie turned to face him. “Which part?”

“Both,” Dre cut in. “Do you really think you could kill a man Charlie? I mean one who isn't already dead?”

Charlie thought about it for a second. She had always been passive aggressive and she always had a zen nature about her as she kept to herself and avoided confrontation for the most part. If Dre would have asked her this question weeks ago the answer would have flat out been no. But this was now. And in the now, the world as she new it was being torn apart by flesh eating monsters as their puppet master held her own mother captive, alive but under horrid conditions no doubt.

“Yes. This is a man I could kill,” she responded.  

The End

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