Out of the Frying PanMature

Jim watched as the two ships separated, mouth open in shock. He hadn't seen if Dre had made it back. He didn't know why, but he actually cared for these kids safety now. Back before all the mess, he had only cared for himself and the few who actually interacted with him - that being Charlie and her mother, who had come in on occasion for some unknown reason. 

"Dre!" Charlie was still in the cockpit. She wasn't cut out for fighting, in Jim's opinion, and he had needed someone to watch over Cleyra. 

Jim turned the cargo ship he piloted away from the cruise ship. They had a mass of the walking corpses in the ship already. Any more and Jim and Terst wouldn't be able to handle them. "Charlie, take over the wheel." She nodded and grabbed it, though she looked skittish about driving it. The great thing about boats, though, was their room for error. Unlike a car, turning the wrong way or pressing the wrong thing usually wasn't deadly.

"Where are you going?" Cleyra asked as Jim grabbed his spear from the ground near the bag of guns. "Stay here..." Jim looked at the German woman. She looked desperate, almost like she had only one thing to lose and it was Jim. 

"Don't worry," Jim said with a large grin, "I'm just grabbing our buddy, Terst." With that he opened the door. He needed to get to where Terst had been going. Hopefully the kid still lived... Well, lived like Jim did. 

A walking corpse appeared around the corner as Jim reached the deck. He was surprised there was only one. With the length of time the ships were together, he would have thought more of the things had boarded. 'Oh well,' Jim thought. He had lost the excitement he had once had. It was now replaced with despair and coated with indifferent joking. 

Before Jim could attack the corpse, an arrow pierce it's shoulder. Jim smiled slightly as a figure rounded the corner. Terst had survived it seemed. 

And so had Dre.

The two boys, along with a woman Jim did not know, ran toward Jim. Dre smashed his pickax into the still-walking corpse, causing it to turn to ash.

"You're alive!" Jim yelled when they reached him. Instead of stopping and replying, the three of them kept moving toward the door to the bridge. Jim started to question them, but instead joined them as dozens of walking corpses rounded the corner. 


The End

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