Bowman on a boat.Mature

 Decent footing, always in high demand and low supply. 

Terst hauled himself back up onto his feet, in the short time since Dre had left the seas had started kicking up a shit. After his friend had made the jump, Jim had immediately kicked into action.

"Terst!" he'd said, "Find some ropes, anything we can use to hold the ships together!" he shifted his grip on the spear in his hands and glanced at Charlie. "We'll head back up to the bridge, see what we can do there." And then they just ran off, back to the stairwell.

He'd found the ropes easy enough, but he struggled to move them, the heavy industrial ropes were thicker than his legs. But he'd kept at it, eventually arriving, exhausted at the ships border lines. 

No time to catch his breath, he'd started tying the knots, 'Loop once, then over, then cross, then pull through.' the pattern hammered into his head since he was a child by his drill-sergeant father. The first one was easy, the Cargo Ship had several large iron cylinders which Terst guessed were made for this very purpose, but the Cruise ship was something else entirely. Both ships still moving it was nearly impossible to find a decent hold for the ropes, and it was all starting too seem in vain, when his eye caught on a jagged edge, a tear in the cruise liners side.

He looped the bulky rope around, and threw it with every last reserve of energy he had, and too his disbelief, it caught. The sound of taunt rope, followed by a very fast, very painful snap smashed him in the side of the head. Spitting blood, he pushed himself up off the cold metal deck, clinging to the flimsy side rail as a support. 

Apparently, he'd miscalculated the speed of the passing ships.

At the time, Terst didn't notice, but the scream of metal on metal quieted slightly, he didn't notice the ships were starting to separate, and they separated fast. By the time he'd realized what was happening, there was already a good few feet between the two ships.

Then, he saw them, two figures leaping from the Cruise Liner. Cutting an arc between the ships before landing, heavily, on the Cargo Ship. Behind them, several shambling figures were still relentlessly clawing after the recently-landed pair.

Terst ran to them, nearly falling several times with the ups and downs of the swell but Dre was already on his feet, on top of the ensuing zombie situation, as always. By the time Terst had reached them, the woman with Dre had managed to find her feet. 

Pulling his bow off his back, and nocking an arrow he put down the closest Zombie, before unsheathing a hunting knife from his belt and dashing forward to retrieve his arrow. He ducked around the arms of one Zombie, and kicked its feet out from underneath it, before spinning in a quick motion and slamming the blade up to the hilt under the chin of the third Zombie. As it disintegrated into ash, he bent down to pick up his arrow and once it was firmly tucked into a quiver he stepped back, and inspected the Zombie he'd knocked down.

She was young, probably the same age as him, if not older. Wearing a torn summer dress that was stained with blood, her hair was matted, lips broken, eyes wild, and the tone of her skin had faded from what once would have been a soft pink to a greyish blue. And as heartbreaking as that was, it was more interesting how once knocked down, it didn't seem as if they could bring themselves back to their feet- But maybe that was just all the water. 

It was tragic, what'd happened to this girl, but she wasn't that girl anymore. 

He nocked another arrow, and as emotionless as possible, turned the disgraced and degraded body into a pile of ash.

"Come on," he said "We need to get inside. Lets see what's happened to the others."

The End

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