Rescue SquadMature

Dre heard the scream too.  From the zombie-infested ship.  A survivor?  His ears perked up and looked around.

Terst caught the corner of his eye.  Dre made a "what the hell?" gesture, and continued to kite the zombies into the cargo bay. 

His friend seemed to mull over a couple thoughts in his mind for a minute, and then he looked at Dre with newfound authority.  "I'm helping Jim at the moment.  Lock up what you have, and get down there to help!"  Terst took a shot at one of the zombies and motioned for Dre to hurry up.

Dre was already inside the bay with a bunch of zombies behind him.  In one swift motion, he did a forwards roll besides the walkers, grabbed the door, and slammed it shut.  When he looked behind him, Terst was there, holding a rope.  Dre used it to tie off the door handle and Terst completed the bracing by tying it off to a guard rail. 

"Guess I didn't have to wait up after all."  Terst smiled and punched Dre playfully.

Two more minutes found the boys on top deck, overlooking a deck full of walkers.  Jim had out his spear and was looking particularly menacing.

Terst nudged Jim, looking for acknowledgement.  "We're completely locked down."

"Good."  Jim said.  "You guys ready?"

Dre took a look over the edge.  "Hold it."  He studied the deck, which was still thoroughly zombie-infested at this point.  "We're running up against the cruise ship right now.  How long until we're no longer connected?"

Jim and Charlie looked at each other in a confused manner.  Terst just had on his typical, no-nonsense expression.

"That's what I thought."  Dre sighed.  "Look, Jim...  I know you want to go all Rambo on these zombie fucks, but could you make sure that at least one person is ensuring that we aren't going to get seperated one ship or another." 

"Right."  Jim said.  "Where are you going?"

"I'm not much use combat-wise."  Dre pointed at the canopy which acted as a sunroof for the Cruise liner.  "I'll be up there looking for another way towards the survivor."

Charlie just rolled her eyes.  "Fine.  Do your spidey-shit."

Dre took a running leap and vaulted off the rail.  His climbing pick caught on the edge of the other ship's canopy.  After hoisting himself up to the top, he took a look back and caught sight of Jim delegating.

He put his sights back on the cruise liner.  "I need you to keep talking, okay?  I'm here to help!"

The End

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