Jim sat there calmly, holding the unknown woman's limp hand. She was fine as far as Jim had been able to tell, but still unconscious. It was good to know the woman would be fine. 


Jim turned to see Terst and Dre entering the room with panic on their faces. He remembered to ship hitting something, so this was expected. Jim, who had initially thought of this whole scenario as exciting, was now beginning to hate it. He was tired, he was cold, and he was annoyed of the constant work.

"What is it? Did you wreck us already?" Jim was annoyed, sure, but he would keep his sarcastic tone and joking manner up for these kids. They needed someone to be calm.

"We hit another ship!" Terst said.

"Full of zombies!" Dre added.

'Damn it,' Jim thought, 'Where's my break, God?' Jim got up and told Dre to stay with the unconscious woman. He didn't want her waking up alone and there was their bag of guns on the floor beside her. He had lost his sword and shield, but his guns had survived. It would have to do.

Jim walked into into the control room with Terst on his heels. He ignored Charlie sitting in one of the chairs and stared through the glass at the other ship. From it's looks, Jim guessed it was a cruise liner. With it being night, Jim couldn't see much other than that, though.

'Wait...' On the deck of the other ship, something moved. Then, something else followed. Jim realized with horror what he saw, then. 

Dozens, maybe even a hundred, of the walking corpses were climbing over the railing and onto the cargo ship that Jim and the others were in. 

"Damnit!" Jim shouted, startling the two kids. He had to think. They didn't have the ammuntion to kill all of the creatures unless the kids had perfect marksmanship, and Jim wasn't even that good. Unless... 

"Terst!" the boy turned from looking out the window and met Jim's eyes. "Go grab a gun and head downstairs to check the holding area. Make sure the other exit is able to be locked up." The kid looked confused but thankfully ran off to do as told. From the looks of the corpses on the deck, it would be a while before they reached the cargo area, so Terst was safe so long as he hurried.

"Why do that?" Charlie asked, reminding Jim she was still there. 

"We're going to lock them in," Jim replied, growing gloomy. "I'll need someone to be bait and draw them through the cargo area, though..." Charlie acquired a shocked look, realizing he meant her.

Before she could answer, though, another voice spoke. "I'll do it."

Jim and Charlie turned to see Dre standing in the control rooms doorway with the woman Jim had found. He was about to tell the boy no, but remembered his athletic skills. Jim hated it, but he also was glad it was Dre and not Charlie. Out of all the people in his life, none had treated him like a normal guy like Charlie had. She was like the sister he never had. 

Or, rather, niece with their age difference.

"Go, then. Watch out for any people escaping them. Save any you find if you can but don't risk yourself. We've already lost Charlie's mo-"

"She's alive."

Jim shook his head, but ignored Charlie's comment in the end. She needed to accept reality. "Just do what you can. I'll grab a weapon and cover you when you get back here." Jim headed toward the door, and the woman who stood quietly.

"Miss?" Jim asked her gently, "Can you tell me your name?"

The woman looked shocked that he had spoken to her. "Clayra.... Clayra Windheil..." she said with a slight German accent. 

"Well, Clayra," Jim said, "This is Charlie and Dre." The two of them waved as he said their names. Clayra waved back at them, a weak smile forming on her red lips. "And I am Jim."

Jim was about to ask her to wait with Charlie when a scream came to life in the distance. Jim ran to the window, searching for it's source. Another scream came to life and Bain realized where the scream had come from.

The other ship.

'No breaks, I tell ya.' Jim went for his pack of guns to grab the only weapon he trusted. 

His spear.

The End

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