Asleep on the Watch.Mature

Terst was fast asleep on the captains seat, the light of a dawn trickling softly in through the windows. He and Charlie had made the climb from the depths of the ship all the way up to the bridge, where they found Dre, who was pouring over some old sea maps, trying to make sense at it all. Terst had some experience with Charts... but not enough to guide the great cargo ship, and Dre seemed to know what was happening. He'd told Charlie and Terst that Jim was in the old captains room, just down the hall playing nurse for some woman they'd found. 

Charlie had turned to him, a tired smile playing around her tired lips and eyes and had whispered "Thank you." before turning to go find Jim and the mystery woman. Terst had stayed with Dre, and it'd only taken him a few minutes, but eventually he remembered the letter addressed to his friend that he'd found on his bike. When Terst handed it to Dre he just looked at it with a terrified expression, and simply tucked it in one of his pockets refusing to open it. Terst was confused, but he didn't feel like pushing the point. 

A shudder, and the scream of metal on metal tore Terst from his sleep. Thrown forwards from his seat onto the bridge's windscreen. 

"Oh come on!" he moaned into the glass.

Their ship had collided with another ship, and ship overflowing with movement. They'd hit a cruise liner. An entire cruise liner filled with Zombies. He pushed the still asleep Dre off of the chair beside him.

A short shout, and a groan later Dre was seeing the same sight Terst was, "Oh shit.". 

Terst glanced sideways at Dre, "Jim?" he asked.

"Jim." Dre nodded.

The End

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