A Friendly Little WarningMature

Charlie raced at the sound of someone screaming. It was too high pitched to belong to Jim, Dre or Terst. In her haste she lost her footing while climbing up a small set of industrial stairs. She fell backwards. Luckily someone had caught her, before she could smash her head on the deck. Charlie turned in the man's arms. She struggled when she saw the face of her captor. The stone on her necklace seared against her skin. The man was far stronger than her, his hold on her was unbreakable.

He laughed, the sound come out distorted. Charlie recognized the man from her mother's picture. He was an older version of the boy, the one her mother offered no explanation to. Charlie froze in his arms. Struggling was pointless and would only use up all of her energy anyways. “What do you want...Reinard?”

The man smiled at Charlie's casual use of his name. She was trying to come across as cavalier, but he saw through her facade. “I'm only here to issue a warning. Your mother is being kept in good conditions, properly fed and clothed. Should you and your little friends make any moves against me that will all change,”

Charlier couldn't hold back any longer. “You creepy bastard! Where are you keeping her prisoner?” she snapped. Reinard shook his head, the bitter smile crept back onto his face, as he tightened his hold on her. Reinard trailed a finger across her jawline, coilling it around a strand of loose blonde hair. “You are so much like your mother Charlie,” he complimented.

Charlie narrowed her eyes, as he lowered his head. Quickly he lowered his mouth to her neck. “Ah Caroline,” he whispered. Charlie went rigid. Fortunately her stomach was empty, otherwise she might have thrown up right then. “It's Charlie,” she reminded him through barred teeth.

Reinard shook off his momentarily confusion. “Join me Charlie, just as your mother has. I can offer you so much; riches and power. I have a concoction for eternal youth I'm looking to perfect. Tell me Charlie wouldn't you like to stay this young and vibrant forever?”

Charlie paused just long enough to absorb his words, before she could answer him his arms released her....

“Wake up Charlie,” someone was nudging her.

Charlie's eyes fluttered slowly. In the place where Reinard had just disappeared from stood a dark haired blur. His eyes were dark sleight, though not unkind. His voice was soothing, and his hand felt like cool silk upon her cheek.

Charlie's eyes drifted again, but not before asking the man. “Are you an angel?”

He gave her a hard stare. “You must have had quite the fall” his voice broke through.

Charlie's eyes flew open. It was not an angel who knelt over her, but Terst, beads of sweat formed on his forehead and his long black hair was disheveled and fallen into his eyes. Embarrassed, Charlie pushed away his hand. Terst wore a mocking grin to spite her.

“Where did he go, he was just standing there?”

Terest shook his head. “Nobody was here... I found you here...that was about twenty minutes ago. You've been out of it since- hey are you alright?”

Charlie propped herself up on her elbows, she flinched when she realized they were scraped. Terst helped her to her feet, mindful of the bruises on her arms.

Charlie leaned against him for support. He didn't protest. Charlie's mind was elsewhere, thinking of her mother with that bastard. When her eyes caught Terst again she realized he wore a concerned look.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

Terst shrugged. “I couldn't have just left you there, on the cold damp dock. The others might have frowned on it,” he said trying to erase the concerned look from his face.

It was Charlie's turn to grin. “Yeah, sure. There was a scream though....”

Terst looked over his shoulder. “Yeah you might want to watch your step up the stairs. We had another invasion, weak Zombies. Jim and I think the water weakens them somehow.”

Charlie clutched his wrist. “Zombie's were on the ship?” Her eyes grew wide with worry.

Terst nodded. “Yea....I guess that explains why the ship was vacant. The Zombie's were flesh eaters. We found a stack of bones in one of the storage units.”

Charlie's face had paled, and the nausea came back. Terst helped her back up the stairs so they could regroup with the others.

The End

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