Sword and ShieldMature

Jim started to head toward the entrance to the middle floor of the massive cargo ship, but stopped once he saw Terst. The boy still held on to that accursed bow. Now that technology had brought forth guns, Jim saw the bow as useless. It was important in history, sure, but now days it was useless. If Jim was using something silent, he would use a silencer or a crossbow.

"Why don't you grab a gun?" Jim asked him, handing him a pistol. The boy looked at him and shook his head. "Why?"

"Give me a few arrows and I'll never run out," Terst replied. Jim considered him for a moment, realizing he had a point. Jim had never considered ammunition simply because he always had plenty. He guessed the kid had a point, though he wouldn't admit it.

Then a thought hit him. "Hold on," Jim said, running down the deck of the ship and onto the loading dock where his car was parked. He unlocked it and pulled a large box out from under the cars back seats. Terst had caught up by then and saw Jim as he opened the padded box. Inside lay two things that Jim had custom ordered.

"Is that..?" Terst started, disbelief hitting his voice.

"Yes, this is the Master Sword," He said pulling the purple-hilted sword from it's sheath and grabbing the shield that also lay in the box, "And this is the Hylian Shield."

Terst laughed a little. "You look like a child."

Jim laughed breifly and hefted his sword and shield. "I may not be the Hero of Time," Jim said slicing a nearby dock post in two, "But my equipment is made just as well as his."

The two ran back on to the ship and down in to the middle level. They had wasted enough time grabbing Jim's weapon, so they needed to get this search done quickly. 

The rooms, for the most part, were clear. Jim and Terst ran along them, checking each one for more of the walking corpses a second time, only to find them still clean. They were about to head back out on to the deck until they heard something.

A woman's scream.

"Charlie!" Terst shouted, about to run to the where they were supposed to be until Jim stopped him.

"That isn't her," Jim said slowly, "I've heard Charlie scream many times before." Terst looked at him strange. Jim rolled his eyes. "Look, I get bored and scare her as much as I can." It wasn't wierd, Jim just really like scaring her. His other employees, when he had them, never scared as easily as Charlie.

But, he should be thinking about that. Another scream came from below them and Jim ran toward the closest stairs, which were just down the hall. Together, Terst and Jim ran down them...

...and came face to face with a young woman. She looked like she was in her late twenties at most and her appearance was messy. Her purple dress had cuts along it and her hair sprung out in several directions. What Jim noticed most, though, was how beautiful her face was.

"Jim!" Terst yelled. Jim looked at him, then to where he pointed. 

There, behind the scared girl, was a horde of corpses. Walking ones.

The End

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