Anger to Fury.Mature

Terst stood at the bow of the great cargo ship, the sky on the distant horizon was glowing red with the dawn, but the sun was still yet to make its grand appearance. The cold wind, the spray of the ocean and the thunder that echoed every time the great ship collided with one of the wild waves was all that he could keep his mind on. He didn't want to think about the last few hours, the last bad decisions to worse decisions. He shifted his weight, resting his heavy arms onto the rail cradling his head.

Dre was sitting against one of the house-sized shipping containers, bent over a letter that he must have read ten times by now. Jim was priming his guns, making ready to take over the ship. "I don't to be violent" he'd said earlier, "but if you're sure it's what we have to do to get this weapon... this weapon that will save the world. Then I will" his voice was pained, yet somewhat certain. And Charlie? Terst didn't know where she was, and he really, really, didn't care.

Terst his eyes, and buried head further into his arms, and it wasn't long until he felt Jims rough hand on his shoulder. He spun up to face the older man, "You ready?" Jim asked quietly, Terst just nodded.

-Four hours prior-

As Jims Sudan sped off down the street, Terst ran back out onto the main road, eyes set on a Jeep Cherokee parked nearby. He smashed the driver side window with his elbow, and climbing in and throwing his bow onto the passenger seat began his attempts to jump start the old car.

Ten minutes later he was speeding down the abandoned streets. The trip was unnaturally quiet, no sign of the Undead anywhere, it was almost like some unseen force wanted him to return to Charlies old house.

It didn't take him long, jumping back out of the old jeep, bow in hand he crept silently across the soft green lawn to where his bike lay. As he was approaching he noticed something out of place on his bike, tied to the seat was a small paper envelope with the word "Dre" written on it, he tucked it safely into the back of his jeans.

Terst slung his quiver over his shoulder and onto his back. This was weird. A movement to his left caught his eye, he swung around bringing his bow to full draw. The green eyed cat just stared back at him blankly. Breathing a sigh of relief, Terst relaxed the tension on his bow. He ran quickly back to his bike, when a freezing chill ran down his spine and it was then he noticed the silhouette in the doorframe, blacker than the night.

Terst froze, terrified. The figure strode out onto the lawn, his raised raised menacingly, fingers curled like claws. He was tall, with long black straggly hair, his eyes shadowed by thick dark eyebrows.

"Terst Roberts" the figure hissed, "Where is Charlie?" Terst fell backwards, scrambling desperately in the dirt to get away from the necromancer. But still Terst said nothing.

After a moment, the figure laughed. "I may not know where the girl is, boy." Sadism literally leaked out of his mouth as he spoke, "But do you know where your Daddy is?" he laughed again. "Or where brother Jimmy is? or brother Brendan?" Terst felt the blood drain out of his face. "Because I do, boy. Actually, they're here now."

Three figures shambled out of the darkness behind the necromancer, almost on queue. The figure laughed again, and Terst couldn't take it anymore. In a singular move, Terst nocked an arrow, pulled it to full draw and loosed. The shot would have killed any normal man, but it simply passed through the necromancer like smoke.

Terst fired again, and again, never even causing a scratch on the tall, laughing, pale man. "ENOUGH!" the necromancer eventually yelled. Raising his hands above his head. "I spare your life for one reason, boy. Now, begone!" He clapped his hands, and blackest smoke twisted and curled around Tersts body, choking and strangling him.

For an instant, he could see Dres face and feel the steel of a fire escape. But after that, nothing, nothing until he is being dragged along the path by Jim and Dre.

The End

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