A Way OutMature

Charlie studied Jim for a moment. She had yet to figure the man out. He was either a contradiction to society or simply insane. He was an arsonist with the personality of a dove. Crazy people had a hidden supply of weapons. That should have been a red flag, but it only added to Jim's allure. He was a mystery. Charlie sighed. They had the weapons, now she needed to get her head on straight and quit daydreaming. As it was the Zombie attacks seemed like one hellish nightmare. Charlie didn't need anymore distractions. What she needed was to find her mother. Reluctantly she tore her gaze away from Jim. “Come on. We need to find the others,” she said turning away. She headed out of the museum without bothering to see if he was following.

Charlie and Jim found Dre pulling a reluctant Terst alongside him. Terst refused to meet Charlie's eyes. Charlie took advantage of the moment to profile the boy. His jaw was stubborn set, and his brow furrowed. He was pissed off at her. She owed the boy an apology and she needed to thank him, properly. Charlie crossed her arms as it dawned on her. She knew Terst's type. He liked being the hero, she thought, and she wasn't one to feed into the whole damsel in distress bit. Her mind had changed in a matter of seconds, and when she was set on thanking the boy, the words that came out of her mouth were of different intentions. “I would have found a way out of the grave myself … you know once I regained consciousness.”

Dre rolled his eyes, as Terst turned his gaze on Charlie. He didn't say anything, but he didn't have to. His stare said everything. He regretted saving her life multiple times, he should have just left her there to rot. Charlie lowered her eyes. Sometimes it was as if she had a self destruct button. This is why Charlie had no friends, she pushed everyone away. She told herself that she liked the solitude, but that wasn't the case. After the loss of her father, Charlie had a hard time managing to keep herself and her mother together, she didn't need to worry about anyone else. She couldn't afford friends, because she couldn't handle another loss. Charlie started walking towards the car, doing her best to appear indifferent. It she couldn't find her mother, than she would have failed protecting the one person she had to look out for.

Charlie wasn't one for feelings and what not, so she rounded the museum. The museum sat on a grassy jut of land on a popular strip of the harbor town that was used by sailors for docking massive cargo ships. She stared at one cargo ship in particular. The crew was in a frantic rush to get out of Bellville. Bellville, would become a ghost town after the Zombie invasion. All of the luster and charm that attracted tourists would quickly diminish. Bellville would suffer an economic downfall. Years from now people would tell haunting stories about the happenings here, Charlie thought. Quickly she made up her mind, and the minds of the others.

“Dre!” She called, not wanting to address Terst specifically. Dre caught up with her, glancing at her curiously. “Tell the others were boarding that Cargo ship,”

Dre's eyes went towards the ship. “What? No, is that even legal?”

Charlie, shook her head. “Semantics,” she muttered.

Terst and Jim had caught up to them and noticed the massive ship in question. “What if it's not going where we need it to go?” Terst asked.

Charlie and Jim exchanged a grin. Jim cocked his gun. “Then we shall make it go where we want it to,” Charlie announced.

The End

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