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"Come back here!" Charlie yelled, clearly afraid to lose more people. Jim felt as if he should do something to comfort her, but dealing with other people was not his specialty. Give him a gun, he could fix, clean, keep up, and even modify it. Give him a person with a problem, he was next to useless.

Jim grabbed Charlie's shoulder. "Come on, we need to go." He managed to drag Charlie further along the rooftops to the museums roof. He then made his way to where he had his secret hatch. Charlie looked around at the training equipment Jim had left out. He was about to explain, when movement from the museum floors caught his eye.

Someone was in the museum. 

"What is it?" Charlie asked quietly, seeing Jim's expression. Jim just pressed his finger against his lips, silencing her, and leaped into the platform below him. His landing was quiet, but not quiet enough to stop him from giving off a loud sound. He hoped against hope those he had saw hadn't heard.

They had.

Dozens of dead corpses walked to where a ladder connected Jim's platform to the ground floor. For some reason, Jim saw the familiar shapes of his weapon collection in the clutches of the corpses hands. Had they learned to wield them? 

It mattered not, though. Jim hefted his AK-47 and unloaded a reign of bullets and fire upon them. He didn't worry about attracting other creatures with the noise like he had before. He knew it was foolish to believe they could even hear, but he had seen too many zombie movies to chance it. But that was not the reason he had noise-proof walls in his museum.

After a while, only a few corpses remained standing. The others lay burning from Jim's explosive ammunition. Sadly, it was nearly out now. Jim decided to save the rest and swung the gun around to his back with his other weapons before jumping on the ladder and sliding down. 

Once his feet hit the ground, Jim pulled his spear from his back and slammed it's butt into the nearest walking corpse. He felled one after another in this manner until the room was clean. A soft thud alerted him of Charlie's arrival.

"What was THAT!?" She asked in a surprised manner. Jim just laughed and picked up a nearby pistol. Luckily for them, the corpses had no idea how to use guns yet.

"What do you think I do when your off?" Jim replied, walking to his office in the back of the large open room. Sadly, all the glass containing his collection of swords, spears, guns, and other weaponry had been broken and violated. Jim, ever the optimist, ignored this and his prized collection that littered the ground. Instead, he pulled his keys from his pocket and opened his office. He needed his stash.

"What are we doing?" Charlie all but yelled from behind.

Jim smiled at her. "Getting some help," he replied, "So we can go help our new friends out."

The End

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