Dre - ArrivalMature

"You have got to be fucking kidding me!"  Jim screamed, opening the car door and slamming it furiously in his wake.

The streets had become increasingly business-related and much less residential over the past few blocks, the museum being nestled comfortably in the heart of the financial district.  The only breaks in the buildings were some small alleyways.  Their specific location in the city was not the problem, however.

The tipped-over eighteen wheeler that blocked off the quickest route to the museum was the problem.

Charlie had already gotten out of the car and was peering through the hitch of the semi.  "Crap..."  She shook her head and turned to her compatriates.  "Going over it isn't going to work.  There are more walkers behind that Semi than I've seen so far today."

Jim kicked the front tire of his car with a burning rage.  After shaking out his foot (it looked like it hurt), he leaned over the hood of the car and grumbled quietly.  "So we just gonna wait up for the other kid, or what?"

"His name is Terst."  Dre cradled his face in his hands.  Terst had just left them.  He had a breakdown in the street.  Dre should have been there for him...  But they just drove off.  Like heartless bastards. 

"So what's the plan?"  Charlie walked over, tying back her hair.

Dre looked around for a minute.  Could they chance a detour through the alleyways?  Not likely.  None of them would do well getting assaulted in a dark area like that. 

Then, suddenly, a fire escape caught Dre's eye.

Hell yeah.

Dre took a running start, leaped onto the brick wall, and flung himself wildly at the fire escape, catching the bottom rung of the ladder with his climbing pick.  For a moment, he hung in the air, dangling by his hook-like tool.  But after a couple of wiggles, the ladder came free and fell down.  Dre hit the ground with a solid Thwakk!

"Geez, kid."  Charlie said, picing Dre off the ground.  "You gotta teach me some of that stuff."

Patting the dust off his shirt, Dre just shrugged.  "You guys shoot shit, I just climb shit."

Jim chuckled, shook his head and started climbing.  "The museum is just around the corner.  If we stay on the fire escapes, we can keep off the streets the whole way there."

And so they did.  In fifteen minutes, the trio found themselves on a different fire escape looking at the museum.  Dre helped down Charlie, and then Jim, but pulled back the ladder after that.  He began to walk back the way that he had come.

"What are you doing?"  Charlie said, almost yelling.

Dre stopped and looked over his shoulder at them.  "Going back to wait for Terst."

"Stay with us!"  Jim gestured at Dre with his gun.

"I'll look after the car.  You guys start loading up guns...  God knows I would have no idea what to grab." 

They kept calling after him as he left.  Dre ignored them.  He ran as fast as he can.

Two minutes later found Dre on the first fire escape overlooking the sedan.  He was curled up by the ladder, looking small and vulnerable, scraping the three letters of his name into the brick wall over and over.

He looked out at the setting sun.  "Hurry up, Terst."  Dre said.  "I have nothing at all in the world, man.  I'm not about to lose you."

The End

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