Grief to Anger.Mature

Terst was silent, How could you argue with that? 

Charlie was obviously doing absolutely everything she could for her family, her mother, the only parent she had. Terst didn't have it in him to blame her for that. But, it got him thinking, he'd just fallen into an empty grave and when he climbed out, well, he'd forgotten who'd fallen in. His Dad and Brothers were out there, somewhere to the West, in the wilds, and while Charlie was doing anything and everything for her folks, he'd just abandoned his.

It was all he could do to fight back tears as the pangs of guilt ripped through him. The others were talking cautiously to Dre, trying to understand his "Waking up in a Graveyard" story. And as selfish as it was, Terst didn't care right now, he was still thinking of his family... and the bike he'd left behind. It was a present from his uncle to Terst and his Brothers. 

Again, that thought of leaving everything he was hit him. He gripped tighter onto his Compound bow, it was like a toddler with his Teddy. Every this way and that outside the windows of the speeding Sudan chaos was taking over; families were abandoning their homes, children were crying, and looters were starting to appear.

Looters, what scum. The world was falling to pieces and all they had in their head was greed. Families were being torn apart, people were dying and all they could do was steal and pillage and plunder. It made Terst sick.

Charlie screeched around a corner at some ridiculous speed, the fact that the car didn't flip was a miracle. She yelled something about a shortcut to a scared sh*tless Jim, and an abusing yelling Dre. Then, something none of them had expected happened, Charlie slammed on the breaks, the tires screamed as the back end of the car fishtailed smashing against the narrow walls of the alleyway. 

Three heavy set, leather wearing men were blocking the narrow path. Two of them had baseball bats, while the one in front was tossing an evil looking knife between his hands.


No fucking way.

These motherless bastards were NOT preying on innocent cars trying to flee the mayhem, it was below low, it was inhuman, it made his blood boil. Terst threw open his door, ripping one of the arrows attached to his bow out of its holder and strung it up, pulling it up to full draw.

"What the hell are you doing!?" screamed Charlie,
"Terst!! Keep your head!" yelled Jim, over the top of her. He ignored them both. Loosing his first arrow, and immediately drawing his second.

Twaaaang. He loosed the second, and then the third and only then did he lower the bow. The three would-be-thieves were rolling on the ground, screaming in pain. He'd put an arrow in each of their legs. One arrow per man; the first one through the first mans knee, the second through the second mans thigh, and the third through the third mans calf. He only had one arrow left.

It was the first time Terst had ever attacked another person. He felt sick, sicker than what he did in the car. He turned, tear streaked back to the car, Charlie was staring at him, eyes wide in horror while Jim was out of the car gun raised toward him. 

"Terst," choked Jim "Behind you..." Terst felt the rough hand grab his shoulder, he could see it out of the corner of his eye. Calloused and burned. He didn't see Dre still in the back seat of the car, ice pick gripped with white-knuckle strength. He didn't see Dre until he launched himself out of Tersts open door, knocking him to the side and swinging wildly at the fourth, and final anarchist. 

It must of taken them all a minute to come back to themselves. Terst was throwing up behind the car, Dre was rocking slowly muttering under his breath "Not my friend" Jim had his head buried in his hands and Charlie was pale, staring out into space.

It seemed they would stay like that forever, until finally, after what felt like years Charlie spoke. "We need to keep going, we need to get to the museum." she looked at each of the men in turn. They all nodded solemnly in agreement, it was if they'd all signed a pact not to even think about the three looters crawling away into the backstreet.

Jim and Dre climbed into the car, and Terst was just about to when he had a thought, a thought that he couldn't shake off. 

"I'll meet you guys at the museum. I need to get my Bike, its everything I have." Charlie just nodded. 'Too disgusted to talk to me' thought Terst sadly, but it was himself he was angry at, not Charlie.

As Jims Sudan sped off down the street, Terst ran back out onto the main road, eyes set on a Jeep Cherokee parked nearby.

The End

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