Charlie was nervous and anxious, why Jim had appointed her designated driver was beyond her. The whole time; Jim, Dre and Terst yelled at her for her poor driving skills.

“What the hell?!” Dre cursed as she swerved into the other lane, nearly colliding with the car behind her.

“Nobody likes a backseat driver.” She reminded him. She was in a hurry, at this point everyone was. News of the Zombie's had taken to the media pretty fast. At first people thought it was a hoax, then the attacks became more frequent. The news crews had caught footage of the terror. After alerting the media, most of the news stations and radio channels had been powered down, as everyone was in a rush to evacuate the area. Apparently in this sort of crisis; there were no laws, no rules. Cops were far too preoccupied. Anyone with a weapon became essential in this plot to stay alive. There was no time to charge people with grand larceny or hand out speeding tickets, as Charlie reminded Jim, when he told her to slow down. It was true though the whole state of Maryland, had broken out in pandemonium.  Laws were obsolete. In survival, anarchy had stepped up to the front lines.

“The zombie's might not be able to kill us, your driving will probably beat them to it,” Terst joked. Dre laughed, Charlie on the other hand did not appreciate his dry humor.

“What's your deal Charlie?” Terest asked.

Charlie turned off the dead radio station. “What do you mean.”

  • “I saved your life twice would it kill you to laugh at my jokes or even manage a thank you,” he shot out angrily.

    “Sorry Terst I've been a little held up, trying to stay alive and now we're off getting weapons to aid us in retrieving a weapon from hell, so I might have a snowballs chance in hell at saving my mother, but Thank you!”

Terest went quiet.

“Perhaps a little more heartfelt.” Dre added. Charlie shot him a dark look in the rear view mirror.

“What's your story Dre?”

Dre shifted towards the window in the backseat. “I....I really don't know,” he said.

The others glanced at him for further explanation.

Dre ran his hand through his hair. “I can't remember anything,” he announced as it realizing it for the first time. He broke out into nervous laughter.

It was quiet after that, everyone had failed to see the amusement in Dre's predicament.

The End

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