To the Museum!Mature

Jim's breath caught at Dre's revelation. Was it true? 

Charlie headed off into the house before he could think further. It helped Jim though. He needed to move forward and deal with the situation despite the odds. He was supposed to be an adult and an adult needed to protect those younger, right?

"Terst! Dre!" Jim called, gaining both their attention, "We're heading to my collection alright?" Dre landed on the ground, using a roll to take the force out of the impact, before asking Jim what he was talking about. The kid was impressive. Maybe he was in tumbling or parkour before he lost his memory.

"Yes, it's safe there," Jim assured them before heading to his trunk. He needed some insurance for the ride to his museum. He rummaged around through the weapons in his trunk. Luckily they all had tags, so if he was pulled over he could- 

'What am I saying?' Jim thought foolishly, 'They will probably congratulate me for being prepared'

Finally, he found it. The AK-47 he had bought off a man in Missouri. What made it special was the customizing the man had done to the gun. Grenade launcher add on, Red Point sight, and best of all, explosive rounds. Though he only had about two hundred of the rounds, it would be enough to get to his museum.

Terst and Dre walked to the car, watching as Jim set up the attachments and explosive rounds. "I don't suppose either of you are a decent shot with a gun?" Jim asked. Terst started to say something, gripping that bow of his. Jim stopped him. "Look, I'm glad you can shoot a bow, but arrows aren't anywhere near infinite. We need to fire fast and break through them."

Terst accepted a pistol with a grimace. "Fine," He said. Jim smiled and gave him a thumbs up. For Dre, Jim grabbed another pistol. They would need to help defend the car as the escaped the walking corpses.

Charlie came running out of the house, a backpack and travel bag full of things, probably clothes and her mothers things that she had went to grab. She was a smart girl. Jim had known her for a few months now. The first time he met her in the interview for a job at his museum, he was sure she was the uptight type, but Jim had been wrong.

"Charlie, you're driving," Jim called, tossing his keys to her. She caught them and nodded. "We're headed to the museum."

The four of them piled into the car, Charlie driving, Jim front seat passenger, and the other two in back. Jim aimed his gun outside the window, just now making out a few dozen walking corpses. He fired with out hesitation, causing the others to yell in surprise. The corpse he had aimed for exploded in fire, catching the others around him on fire as well.

"Now THIS is a gun!" Jim yeled excitingly, "Charlie, drive!"

The car spun down the road in the direction of the Historical Museum of Weaponry. A place that held literally thousands of guns, ammunition, and blades.

The End

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