Roughly two minutes later, Dre and Terst were both speeding down the residential streets on a black YamahaR6 bike.

Tailing Jim wasn't as difficult as one might have thought.  With very few sidestreets between the 7/11 and the highway, Dre figured that eventually he would have to run across Jim's sedan.  The only negative part was the creepy emptiness of the streets.  No cars were out, even considering that it wasn't very late in the day.  And aside from the occasional walker, no figures lined the streets either.

Sure enough, a couple of minutes into the ride, Terst stopped in front of a pale yellow house that had Jim's car out in front.  Not knowing what to expect, Terst took out his composite bow and notched an arrow as he approached the car.  Dre followed suit, climbing pick in hand.

The car was empty, with both the passenger and driver's side doors flung open.  However, a glance to the screen door showed Jim holding a sobbing Charlie, who was bracing herself against the doorframe.

"What's wrong?"  Terst sighed and lowered his bow.

Jim turned around, startled, but Charlie just shook her head - refusing to look towards Terst.  "He was right...  Rei-that man...  Took her."

"We'll get her back, honey."  Jim patted her on the shoulder.

Terst approached the door as Dre hung back in the driveway.  He reached the doorway, looked in, and flinched.  "God...  the house is torn apart."

As Charlie explained her situation to the group, Dre froze up.  Something didn't feel right.  About the atmosphere.

Instinctively, he took a running start, leaped on to the Sedan - using his momentum to hurl the rest of his body towards the roof.  His jump was short, but he caught the gutter with his pick, and pulled himself up to the roof.  Dre may not have known what he was in the past, but he could tell one thing for sure...  This body was agile as hell.

"Dude!"  Terst exclaimed.  "What the heck was that?"

Dre looked out as far as he could see into the lifting fog, and was not happy with what he saw.  "Charlie."  He said, in a much more authoritative voice than usual, "Look through your Mom's room and try to find anything that connects with that Reinard guy.  You don't have very long."

Charlie looked up at him, slightly surprised he was on the roof.  "Why?"

"We need to get out of here in Jim's car, and with a definite direction in mind."  Dre pointed towards the horizon with the climbing pick.  "Dozens of them are closing in from all sides...  And they're all headed here."

The End

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