So much for sticking together.Mature

Terst and Dre stood in a quiet silence, it wasn't awkward, it was comfortable. The frantic chaos just around the corner was starting to die down, Jim was over by his car and Terst could see his silhouette in the distance pulling weapons from his coat and placing them back into his car boot, Terst had given back all of Jims weapons, with the exception of one particular handgun he liked. His bow was slung across his back, its string taunt against his chest holding the bow in place. Other than the three Zombies in the Catacombs, they'd seen no other sign of Zombie activity on the Churchs grounds. 

The trapdoor where Charlie and her mysterious friend had disappeared down was only a couple of feet away, and showed no sign of movement. Dre sighed, and slid his back down the stone wall until he was sitting in the damp grass, his knees raised and his head in his hands. Terst went and sat by him, punching him brotherly in the arm as he did. Dre looked up, his tear stained face pulling a thankful smile. And then they talked. 

Not ideal chit-chat, but the deep and meaningful conversation of two young men, both desperately seeking consolidation. Dre told him everything he could remember, and they exchanged all their fears and doubts. This was something entirely new for Terst, he'd grown up without a mother, with only his father and brothers. He didn't do touchy feely talks.

It was Dre who spotted it, and it must have been last minute because by the time Terst had turned around Jims car was already tearing down the street with Jim and Charlie and her friend all tucked inside. 

Terst was stunned, he didn't know what to do or say or think. This had hit way closer to home than he would've liked. They were a team, a new team, but a team nonetheless. 

"No!!" Dre screamed from behind him, on his feet. He was obviously just as, if not more distraught than Terst. "Charlie!?" he screamed again, this time throwing a loose piece of stone in the direction they'd disappeared. He stood, panting for just a moment before collapsing in a heap, muttering "it's not fair..." repeatedly.

But now, it was Tersts turn to get angry. "Come on!" he yelled at Dre, pulling him to his feet. "If we cut through the forest there quick enough, we might be able to make it too the main street before them! Come on!" and without another word they were off, vaulting the fence that marked the Churchs ground and running with a rage and desperation that only young men can know.

They ran faster than Terst could ever remember running, adrenaline pumping through them. They were men possessed. Maybe they saw the movement of the dead in the forest, but it didn't faze them. By now, they were on the primal hunt. One goal, one focus. But as fate would have it, they were only but a few seconds too late. 

They burst out of the forest, appearing just behind the 7/11 store, sprinting around it just in time too see Jims car zip past them, heading south towards the highway. 

They'd missed them.

Terst fell to his knees, and stared out after the disappearing tail lights of Jims car, when from behind him Dre asked a simple question, that completely flipped his mood.

"Hey Terst, can you hotwire a bike?"

The End

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