Tales From the CryptMature


After her third Zombie encounter and second Zombie kill of the day Charlie was sick with worry over her mother. She asked Jim if they could stop back at the church for a moment. She was sure if this was the safest place to be right now, her mother would be here with David. After what seemed like a frantic eternity Charlie located David. She breathed a sigh of relief.

“David, thank God your here. How's my mom holding up?” She took a moment to catch her breath. She studied David for a moment. She hadn't seen him in months. Although handsome, with his kind gray eyes, his skin looked paler than normal and his dark hairline was starting to retreat. It was the cancer, she knew, eating away at him. His face fell into a frown. That's when Charlie realized something was wrong. She scanned the crowd again, if David was standing in front of her, her mother had to be close by.

David averted his eyes.

“Where is my mother?” Charlie demanded.

David took a deep breath, which came back out distorted. “There is something that she has been keeping from you, we both have.”

David led Charlie to the basement of the church. It was a storage area, littered with chairs. It reaked of moth balls and the absence of air. Charlie shuddered as she remembered lying in the open grave. Her full attention went to David.

David squinted his eyes in thought. “That necklace seems familiar.”

Charlie's hands went around the stone on the chain protectively. “Nevemind that right now. Just tell me about my mother!” Charlie shouted.

“You are not going to believe what I'm about to tell you,” David began. Maybe yesterday she wouldn't have, today nothing in the world could surprise her.

“Your mother used to be friends with a powerful necromancer.”....Okay, maybe that could.

David glanced up at her to make sure she was paying close attention. “Back in high school, we were dating actually. Things got serious. Reinard, that's his name by the way, he grew jealous of our relationship. With his jealousy and anger his power grew. We started noticing strange happenings back then too.”

“What kind of strange things?!”

David held up his hand. “Please be patient and let me finish. People were dying, corpses were missing. The more deaths we had, the more frequent the crypt robberies became. Back then we chalked it up to sick grave robbers. We were partially right. What we failed to realize right away was that, these bodies weren't lying in someone's basement somewhere. They actually were being brought to life by something dark and powerful. I told your mother that I suspected Reinard of these crimes, she got mad at me for accusing him of this. We fought over it and our relationship ended. It wasn't until recent years, that she discovered the truth and we became closer, as friends, after the death of your father.”

“How...wait what? What do you mean you discovered the truth?” Charlie sputtered,

“Not now I don't have time. I have to get your mother back.”

  • “Where is she?”

  • “He has her,” David said quietly.

Charlie stifled a cry. “How are you going to get her back?”

  • “There is one weapon on this earth that can defeat the necromancer. I have access to it's location.” David pulled out a map. He had circled the coordinates. “It's a dagger from hell.”

  • Charlie blinked back tears and managed to throw him a rhetorical look.

“No, really it is from hell.” David assured.

Charlie listened quietly to the rest of David's plan. When he asked her to find a friend to bunk with, she nodded obligingly, as she devised a plan of her own. Knowing David, she knew he would never allow her to risk her life obtaining this weapon, but David was ill with pancreatic cancer. This trip would kill him, and she wouldn't allow that. She would find a way to get that map from him She would adopt his quest as her own.

The End

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