A PurposeMature

Jim, who was the embodiment of a one man army, pulled the three kids away from the group of people. They were huddled at the door of the church, trying to gain entrance. Well, that was obvious. What wasn't obvious was his next step. He needed to enter the church another way. Then it hit him.

"We'll go through the catacombs!" Jim said once the group was away from the others. Dre looked at him with a blank expression that seemed to say, "It had to be the catacombs!" Charlie and Dre just nodded and waited for him to lead them. Jim sighed and laughed. After being the enthusiastic weapons collector for so long, he had forgotten what it meant to be in a group, let alone lead one.

"Come on, let's head out!" He called, hefting his spear. The weapons he had packed on his body clanked around. On instinct, he summed up all they were carrying. Jim had on him 3 .45 caliber pistols in his belt, an AK-47 with two clips on his back, a greatsword also on his back, two short swords on each hip, a dozen knives in sheathes and in his pockets, and his spear that he used as a walking stick currently. Terst carried three more pistols, one of them being the D. Eagle that Jim remembered ordering months back, three longswords on his back, a bow in one hand, with arrows attached to it, his own collection of knives placed in several pockets, and an ax that he carried in his other hand. Dre carried a pickax, but nothing else.

It was a mass amount of weapons, but still not enough in Jim's opinion. He was pulled away from the thought by the entrance of the catacombs coming into veiw. It was a guest entrance for people to come and visit their dead. The church had gotten annoyed with people having to go through the church to visit the catacombs, so they made this passage.

Unluckily for the group, several of the walking dead were standing around the entrance. "Don't use the guns," he told Terst. He jogged forward ahead of the group, throwing the spear into the air. Despite the heavy load on his body weighing him down, Jim still managed to hit the closest corpse in the head. He tossed a shortsword, with its sheath still on, to Charlie, who fumbled it before actually grabbing it, then ran at the corpse with his spear in it. 

Pulling the spear from the ashes that now remained, Jim ran toward his next target. It seemed like his training would pay off. He had never expected to, really, but was excited that it actually had. Hours of time and thousands of dollars invested in trainers now was going to save his life and possibly others lives.

It was almost enough to make him laugh.

The End

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