Making Friends.Mature

A screech, followed by Terst being thrown forward in his seat and smacking his forehead against the windscreen. 

Now, his head hurt almost as much as his ego.

What was with this chick? Twice he's saved her ass today... well, technically once, but its the thought that counts, and she can barely remember his name! Let alone a "Thank you". Already halfway through a comment about her driving ability he turned, noting that she wasn't even in the car anymore.

Looking out the window, he saw the other two guys from the graveyard. The older guy, Mr Heron jumped into the drivers seat, while Dre and Charlie piled into the back. Within seconds, the car was speeding off down the road toward the local church.

The four of them sat in silence as the car tore down the road, he flipped the radio on and turned up the volume, hoping for some music to break the melancholy that had settled over them.

Widespread panic is taking over as a seemly legitimate Zombie Outbreak spreads across the North Eastern Coast-

The military is being called into full action, as we speak American troops are being withdrawn from deployments to help contain-

Panic and Chaos tears across the city of New York as quarantine procedures-

The President is scheduled to make an announcement in approximately an hours time-

Frustrated, he turned the radio back down again. How many hours had it been? Already things were falling to pieces. He closed his eyes and rested his head against the cool glass of the windows when from the backseat Dre spoke. "Looks like we weren't the only ones heading for a church." He trailed off. 

The entire population of Bellville was present, cars were banked up all over the lawn and gardens, the car packed driveway spilled out onto the road blocking the path. There were people everywhere, all of them trying to cram in through the comparatively tiny church doors. Fights were breaking out on the steps of the church, the pastors desperately shouting in a vain attempt to calm the maddened mob. One of the cars had even caught alight, and was now burning only adding to the frenzied scene.

Terst turned, speechless, to the others.The reflection of the fire could be clearly seen in Jims wide eyes, Dre looked like he was about to cry and Charlie...

Charlie had opened her door, and ran off into the chaos. Terst swore, and sunk low into his seat. Jim shook his shoulder, and pointed to the headstones just outside the mob of people. No more words were needed, the two in the front jumped out simultaneously leaving a bewildered Dre sitting in the car, "What did I miss?" he asked himself, before jumping out after them.

Jim was at the back of the car, rummaging through his boot. Terst retrieved his bow from the back of the car, and upon standing up found himself nose to nose with Dre. 

"Uh, Hello..." Dre said awkwardly "This might sound weird, but, do I know you?"Terst simply stared at him for a moment, "No sorry... I don't think so... I don't remember you." He eventually replied apologetically.

Awkwardly sidestepping him, Terst came around to Jim, and when he got there the "Hurry up" in his throat died, replaced with (after a moment of shock) "Do you have any arrows?"

The End

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