Score to SettleMature

Charlie stared back at the boy incredulously. Terst, his name was Terst.

“What the hell is happening?” She asked nobody in particular.

Terst began to stammer an explanation but Charlie zoned out. She was already punching a number into her cell phone. Her mom's old friend David. She explained briefly how she was unable to get home in time. She fumbled with a lie about how Jim needed her at the museum for inventory. David sounded skeptical but he didn't hesitate to help her. Ever since her father died Charlie's mom had been experiencing episodes of seizures, which was why Charlie never moved out. She didn't doubt that David would rush to her mother's side. He was loyal like that.

Charlie climbed back in the jeep and yelled over to Terst. “Get in kid.”

Terst glared at her, now was not the time for her to make nice with the handsome boys. He grabbed his bow and threw it in the backseat. They were headed back to the cemetery. If anyone could make sense of the odd attacks in Belleville. It was the arsonist. Jim. Terst dialed his home to check in and make sure nothing odd had been happening.

On their way to the cemetery Charlie spotted two figures on the side of the road walking away from the school. She stomped on the brakes, causing Terst to jerk forward. Jim and Dre were already walking towards the exit.

“Charlie you should have gone home,” Jim said, his voice rough.

Charlie ignored him, she didn't want to argue with anyone. They needed to figure out what was going on and come up with a plan. Charlie hoped in the back seat next to Dre, who seemed a bit fidgety himself. Jim tore out of the cemetery driveway. “Where are we going?” She asked.

“Church,” he replied as the speedometer shot well above the speed limit.

“What?” The other three had asked simultaneously.

“Hallowed Ground. The Zombie's didn't rise until the we went into the cemetery. It's almost as if someone has a score to settle with one or maybe all of us."

“What do you mean, score to settle?” Dre asked.

Jim gripped the wheel. “Think about. Why were you in the cemetery Dre?”

Dre shook his head. “I'm sure it was just a coincidence.”

Jim glanced up in the rear view mirror. “ Or, you could have purposely been drawn there.”

The End

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