Man of Many BladesMature

Jim headed toward the parking lot, the boy named Dre in tow. So far they had yet to see another of the walking corpses. Jim wasn't sure he believed what he saw, but he ignored the impossibilities of the dead walking and thought about his next step.

"Where are we going?" Dre asked, following behind closely. In the distance Jim saw several figures. Luckily, they didn't seem to see the two men walking through the graveyard.

"We're heading toward the school," Jim replied, "But we have to get to the street first." He hoped Charlie wasn't speeding in his car. If the gilr was pulled over, it would be hard to explain the stash of weapons in the trunk of the car. Jim cursed himself for that. He had put off unloading them for a week now.

"Oh no.." Dre whispered. Jim . Ahead of them were almost a dozen figures, walking in a drunken haze. It was obvious they were more of the walking corpses. 

And they were between Jim and the exit to the parking lot.

"Dre," Jim whispered, "Stay back." After the boy stopped walking with him, Jim crept up on the moving figures, pulling two knives from his sleeves. He always carried plenty of knives on him. After all, there were muggers and the like where he lived.

Jim tossed the knives fluidly, catching two of the figures in the head. 'All that practice paid off,' he thought to himself as he drew two more blades. As soon as they were free of his jacket, they flew to their targets. He continued to do this until the last one fell, then went to retreive his knives.

"Are you an assassin?" Dre asked him as he walked up from his hiding place. Jim just laughed and shook his head.

"I simply have a love for weapons," Jim said, "Now come on."

The duo headed out of the graveyard. Luckily they saw no more of the dead. It was a short walk to the school, but seemed like forever before they reached the entrance of the school. Neither Jim nor Dre spoke as they walked. There wasn't much to say, really. All they could do is find out the origin of the scream and help who they could. 

Jim was a little unnerved when he saw there was no cars on the road. Usually it was busy during this time of day, with the schools getting out and people heading home from work. Was there more of those walking corpses elsewhere?

A ringing from Jim's pocket stopped him from entering the school. When Jim checked his phone, he saw it was Charlie's mother.


"Is Charlie safe!?" The woman yelled into his ear. Jim pulled the phone away from his ear and waited for her to stop yelling. Jim laughed before finally replying.

"She is on her way to your house in my car, don't worry." Jim said. Dre pulled on his sleeve slightly, making Jim aware of several figures walking toward him. They looked smaller than the ones in the graveyard, but they were still corpses. Their walking made it obvious.

" all over the news!" Charlie's mother yelled. Jim only heard the last bit, but he was sure he knew what she said. 

"I'm going to have to let you go," Jim said, "and Charlie will be fine, don't worry." Without letting her reply, he hung up. Dre was still pulling on the sleeve of his jacket, obviously worried about the figures coming closer. 

"We got a problem," Dre said. Jim turned and realized the real reason the boy had been trying to alert him. Somehow, the walking corpses had surrounded them.

Jim grabbed Dre and pulled him into the school, slamming the door behind them. The main hallway look clear, but the corpses were all over the front of the school.

"Well, what's the plan now, Dre?" Jim asked. 

For some reason, he was growing excited.

The End

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