The CarparkMature

The blonde girl simply nodded as she took the older man’s keys before sprinting madly away down the gravel trail of the graveyard. The three of them watched as she was slowly swallowed by the mist and waited until the crunch of her footsteps had faded. The screams once again tore through the air.

Mr Heron immediately kept to his promise, wordlessly he made his way into the mists, headed for the graveyard centre, the source of the screams. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Dre glance at him quickly, then back at the receding Mr Heron.

“I’m going with him” He whispered before turning, and jogging lightly down the path after Mr Heron.

Terst stood alone in the graveyard, caught in somewhat of a predicament. After a moments deliberation he turned his back to the path that the two had just taken, deciding that he had best just go home and figure things out there. He’d only taken a step when an out of place glint flashed, catching his eye in the deep green grass. It was a strange necklace, the chain was some kind of metal, copper, he guessed, but it was the actual charm that held the centre of attention. A perfect emerald, set in some kind of black rock. Terst shrugged, it was probably the girls he thought. He pocketed it. It never even occurred to him that he might not meet her again.

As he continued down the path shadows began to jump out at him from every corner of the graveyard, his walk became frantic, before bursting into a run. Terrified he sprinted down the path, feeling as if he was chased by some dark and domineering menace. The sun was sinking low by the time he burst out onto the road. Shooting a quick look over his shoulder back at the graveyard he crossed the road, jumping over his garden fence and cutting across the lawn before unlocking the door to his house.

He knew as soon as he stepped into the house that his brothers and father had left without him. They had a strict leave time for every trip, if you were late you had to find your own way, and sure enough on his bed he found a hastily written message from his father, telling him to pack his things and take the bike up to their usual spot in the mountains.

His bag was already packed, he shouldered it and made his way around to the garage, grabbing his bow and quiver off the wall as he went. Sliding the bow into its holder and fastening the clasps on his backpack Terst fired up the bike and slipped out into the road in the red light of the dusk.

The graveyard was swimming with movement as he rode past, but he shook his head and passed the movement off as a trick of the light. Now on the road, he began to really start thinking about the events of the evening, had he really spent an entire afternoon in a grave? Who was Mr Heron? And what was up with that Dre? He rolled his shoulders, and shook his head again. His eyes flicked off the road for just a second, but in that instant a thin man, dressed entirely in black had appeared. Right in the centre of the road!

Terst slammed on the brakes of his bike, locking them up. He began to fishtail wildly, he turned away and tensed as he knew now that he couldn’t avoid the man. The bike eventually screeched to a stop, without hitting anything. The man in black was nowhere to be seen, he’d just vanished.

He sat there for a minute, trying to pull himself together, before puttering up the road to the local 7/11 with every intention of sorting out the chaos in his head over a coffee. He pulled into the carpark, and dismounted. He stood there for a moment, when the girl from the graveyard (What was her name again?) walked right by him. Didn’t even notice him. He followed her for a short distance, and just as she was at her car he reached out and tapped her lightly on the shoulder. She turned quick as a flash and jumped nearly halfway to the moon. He made a quick joke at her expense, but seeing not a single sign of amusement he followed up by offering her the necklace in his pocket.

She accepted it in a trance like state, totally fixated on it. And after an awkward “Thank you” she just turned away, and got into her car.

Well fine.

Nice to see you too.

He marched back over to his bike, angry at being ignored. But a familiar scream tore his attention back to the car. He saw a silhouette in the back seat, he turned and grabbed his bow out of his case, and slung up an arrow. He’d scare the thief, then call the police. He had no intention of actually using the bow.

But before his very eyes the figure in the back seat crumbled, then altogether disappeared. The girl stumbled out of her door breathing heavily. She fell down onto the car bonnet. Terst nearly ran over to her, but something stopped him. Directly behind her a figure was shambling. As it came into the light, the half rotten face of a body that should’ve been dead was revealed.

Charlie, as he remembered her name, opened her eyes. A looked right at him, with a mixture of confusion and horror.

“Get down!” Screamed Terst, but she simply turned around, until she was eye to eye with the dead man. She spun back toward Terst, fear on her face and that scream on her lips. “Get down!” he screamed again. This time, she listened, dropping to the concrete ground of the parking lot.

Breathing deeply, in one swift motion Terst aimed, drew, and fired his compound hunting bow, catching the Zombie square in the chest. The body turned into ashes as it fell, blowing away in the wind. Terst ran to the girl. Kneeling beside her, and helping her up.

“Allot of trouble for some milk, wouldn’t you agree?”

The End

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