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"And you are sure she was there?" Jim Heron said into his cellphone as he drove down the road. It was starting to get late and Charlie hadn't called in to work. He never made her come in to work on this day, but she had said she would call with the inventory update for the Weapons Museum. Charlie was never late about those types of things.

Yet, it seemed today was the exception.

"Yes, I thought she was just taking her time...," Caroline said over the phone, trying not to show her worry over her daughter's absence. 

Jim laughed at that before once again reassuring the woman that Charlie's phone had probably died and it was nothing to worry about. He hung up after saying his goodbye's and then focused on driving his car.

Eventually he came to the graveyard, finding it mostly empty, which wasn't a surprise. The graveyard was not a happy place, so it would be odd to find it have a crowd at any time when a funeral wasn't taking place.

For a while, Jim just walked around, looking for the grave marker for Charlie's father. He had never really visited this place since his parents were buried in it. They had lived long and died happily, though, so it's not like he had any bad memories associated with this graveyard. He just never had another reason to come here.

"Man, Charles, you better not jump out and-" Jim's voice was cut off as a piercing scream ripped through the air. Immediately, without thinking, Jim pulled his .45 from his jeans and ran toward the sounds. That scream might be Charlie, after all.

His thought, however, was proven wrong.

Jim came upon a trio of teenagers next to a freshly dug grave. At first, he thought them to be graverobbers, but upon getting closer, he saw one of them to be Charlie. The other two were guys in their teens, who looked rather pale, though Jim could guess why. 

"Hey!" Jim called, getting the attention of the trio, "What are you three doing?"

"Oh, Mr. Heron," Charlie said, looking worn out. Had something happened?

"Nevermind," Jim said before she could say another word. Another scream ripped into the air, this time closer. Jim threw his keys to Charlie. "My cars in the parking lot, go home. I'll walk there after I find out what's going on." He knew it was stupid, but his curiosity demanded him to find out and his instinct commanded him to help.

The End

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